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  vinnyo123 03:17 24 May 2004

Just a quick question I currently am a web master for my sons soccer team and need to ftp to server from out of state.I was wondering if this would work the way I have it set up.FTP is working can get to server and edit files.My question is that I already made 5 pages with banners and hyperlinks to other pages of site.I want to ftp to server copy one of the files that was already set up and edit it from desktop via FTP add text and pictures save and overwrite the file on server.Now the question is should I also upload the pictures I added to page onto server or it would be fine just adding them to page.I ask this because when testing it the banner of course didnt show up via client because it is on server.I need to get this sorted out quickly leaving for tounaments soon.

frontpage -win2k server-win xp pro

as always thanks in advanced

  Forum Editor 07:26 24 May 2004

which appear on your pages must be present on the server - usually in a directory called 'images'.

What I don't understand is why you aren't uploading the site alterations/additions direct from FrontPage? It would be far easier, and there's no danger of any files going missing, as there is if you manually upload via your FTP program.

Make sure that you work with a local copy of the site on your hard-drive, publish all alterations and additions from within FrontPage to the local copy, and then publish the site to the remote server from FrontPage using the File/publish web option. That way you'll always have two copies of the site - one on the server and one on your machine. You'll find this easier than using an FTP program.

To retiterate: make sure that all images are placed in an images folder in the web on the server. FrontPage creates this folder automatically, so you'll just need to import the images to that folder using the File/import option in FP.

  vinnyo123 13:40 24 May 2004

ok as for using frontpage for uploading havent had a chance to test that but sounds much better, going have to check that.

Ok I was testing the select files I needed to edit and it did work via overwriting with edited copy and also uploading pictures also.Now for the images file this seems not to be going right.I have the images file but it is empty. All my PICS are just bing saved in the root directory with all the .HTM files. I tried testing manually moving them into the image file but no good.It would be nice to put all PICS in one folder to keep things neat.

PS: as for keeping two copies of WEB I have it backed up in a few places. I just figured I edit the select few pages. I figured this would be easier as for I am only able to get access to dial up when at the soccer tournaments.

I'll give it one more test before I go out of state.

As always thanks!!!!!

  Forum Editor 19:23 24 May 2004

in the root directory will work, provided you don't move them once you have published a page to the server. It's not a very neat way of working however, and that's why all FP webs have an image folder by default. When you want to include an image on a page, use the FP import command to put a copy of the image from your hard drive into the images folder - you'll need to open the images folder before you import, otherwise the file will go straight into the root.

As for having the web "backed up in a few places" ....not a good idea in my opinion. It will inevitably lead to out of sync copies existing, and one day you'll end up publishing such a copy to the server, and overwrite everything you've subsequently done. Stick to two copies, one local and one remote. That way you'll know where you stand, and you can always use some form of automatic backup to keep a synchronous copy on removeable media. I use ZIP disks for this purpose, with IOMEGA automatic backup software that copies all the changes to the local (hard drive) copy of the site as I make them. That way I know that if the server and my computer were both to go down by some quirk of fate I always have an up-to-date copy of all my client sites on ZIP disks. Peace of mind is worth every penny it costs.

  vinnyo123 01:10 25 May 2004

great site!!!

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