FTP question?

  JDJ 16:48 23 Dec 2004


Can you use ftp to transfer data between internal drives (i.e. removable disc (camera, memory stick) to HDD)?

I'm trying to set-up a basic program to transfer data from internal drives so some family members of mine (who have a serve lack of knowledge and can't manage 'cut and paste') only require one mouse click to do just that.

I've have already created a NT/unix script and corresponding batch file, which works perfectly well. I'm just hoping to ammend this script to enable me to create the basic program.
I've listed the script:

open *server ip address*
cd /eft
get *filename*
delete *current aged file*
rename *aged-off new file*

Any help before Xmas day would be truely appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


  Forum Editor 19:31 23 Dec 2004

over the Internet - you can't use it for your purpose, and frankly I can't see why you want to.

If you want to transfer files from one drive to another you don't even need to cut and paste - you just click and drag the files across. Surely your family members can manage that?

  Taran 22:04 23 Dec 2004

Just so that you know, most removable drives along the lines of USB memory sticks and even some external hard drives place an icon in your 'Send To' menu when you connect them.

In that event, all you do is right click on a file and select the Send To >> Removable Drive option, and off your file scoots to the drive you selected.

A friend of mine who suffers from a serious illness often shakes quite a lot. I've dragged shortcuts to her backup drive to her desktop, just above the Start button. I've also set her mouse up for single click file and folder opening, since a controlled double click is sometimes very difficult for her to manage. All she does is single click the shortcut to open the drive and then she can drag files from one to another location with ease.

  JDJ 09:56 24 Dec 2004

Thanks for the replys guys.

FE - Thanks for clearing up my query regarding ftp. Also, I tried teaching my 63 year old non-computer using Grandad to cut and paste and I wouldn't recommend it anyone... too much hard work!

Taran - thanks very much for your reply. The 'Send To' function will be the solution I'll probably end up with... it's not the one-click solution I had hoped for but it's a definite improvement. Thanks again!

Remember, everyday is a school day!



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