FTP question?

  JDJ 11:50 23 Dec 2004


Can you use ftp to transfer data between internal drives (i.e. removable disc (camera, memory stick) to HDD)?

I'm trying to set-up a basic program to transfer data from internal drives so some family members of mine only require one mouse click to do just that.

Any help before Xmas day would be truely appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


  JDJ 12:35 23 Dec 2004

I've have already created a unix script and corresponding batch file, which works perfectly well. I'm just hoping to ammend this script to enable me to create the basic program.

I've listed the script:

open *server ip address*
cd /eft
get *filename*
delete *current aged file*
rename *aged-off new file*

  JDJ 14:50 23 Dec 2004

*bump* *bump*... anyone? Please!

  pj123 16:29 23 Dec 2004

I think you might need to put this thread into the Webdesign Forum. They know about FTPs there.

  *Silver*Hawk* 16:31 23 Dec 2004

why? do you mean on different computers? Why not just copy and paste?

  JDJ 16:40 23 Dec 2004

The real issue here is actually a severe lack of knowledge, as I'm trying to make life easier for my Grandad.

Cut and paste is the obvious solution for any normal PC user but at age 63, a single mouse click is all I'm going to get.

Thanks again for replying.


  seedie 17:37 23 Dec 2004

If I've understood your question correctly I think a batch file will do it.

Ummm @63 we're juniors here :)


  281apple 18:41 23 Dec 2004


FTP's can be complicated and their principal use to to upload or download from a computer to or from Internet.

They are usually more complicated and just doing what *silver*hawk suggested and "just copy and paste" would be an excellent advice.

If you put an FTP in your Grand Dad's hands at the computer level you seem to put him he should normally be completly frustated.

If he is 63 (which is young for Seniors using computers, I'm 77) I suggest you ask for advice on a forum created in Spain but in the English language for older people and the advisors are all seniors living in England or Spain.

Tell him to take a look at click here and if he wants to join he should send an Email to [email protected].

Working daily with Seniors, I would suggest that he learn to walk before he runs and the FTP solution will turn him against computers.

  *Silver*Hawk* 11:29 24 Dec 2004

63 is not a bad age to learn to cut and paste. it's easy...I bet he will understand without a problem. ;)

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