FTP problem - Remote site blank

  shepherd 21:18 12 Jun 2005

I've been uploading files for years with WS_FTP and other FTP programs without problem.

My daughter now has a new PC running Windows XP and wants to upload her website. Everything goes fine except that the 'remote' side of the FTP program remains blank and no transfer can happen. The error message is "connection timed out".

I've checked with my ISP who has no problem uploading a file to my daughter's web space. I've tried unchecking Windows Firewall and Norton Antivirus but this makes no difference.

I can see no problem in the files we wish to transfer. I can see no problem anywhere!

Can anybody help, please?

  Joe R 21:34 12 Jun 2005


this may help.

click here

  shepherd 07:51 13 Jun 2005

Thanks very much - I looked at the postings and will print them out for reference.

I managed to upload after 13 hours of unremitting frustration.

This is what I did:

I opened Norton AntiVirus and switched off the Worm Protection option.

I then found that I was able to upload my files (NO connection timed out error!).

I do not know why this should work and nor do I know how I arrived at this solution. It was pure luck. I then re-enabled Worm Protection.

If anyone finds this works for them, too, please let me know.

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