FTP help please

  steve263000 23:55 18 Nov 2006

I want to view and change and upload files on Smart FTP. I already use it successfuly with my other site click here and it is the main reason that I have been fairly trouble free lately. However, I am now back using the old NTL world site that I have, and I would like to clear out and re-upload a site. the NTL address is click here I have tried all ways to view it via Smart FTP putting in ftp addresses, and http but nothing comes up. It does not seem to recognise this site. Could someone advise me what I am doing wrong? Or is it that Smart has a problem with these homepage sites?

  acsmanhtml12 09:00 19 Nov 2006

One word of warning, when you hover on the lniks there are no images so you just get a broken looking site. Not very good. Also maybe get rid of the Times New Roman and make the quote look a lot more like a quote and really make it stand out from the page but don't use a h1 tag for it.
I thought most sites like ones provided with your ISP you had to login using your web browser and update your site.

  steve263000 10:59 19 Nov 2006

The reason that I want to alter things is that the links are giving problems. I have tried to update it via my normal program, but with no luck. As for the quotes, that is not a bad idea. Thank you. As for logging in via the web browser, I have tried that without luck. I know there is a way to log in that way, but I have never used it, and do not know how.

  acsmanhtml12 11:08 19 Nov 2006

Basically it uses your usernam either the first part of your e-mail address for e.g acsmanhtml12(@hotmail.com)(not a really e-mal address) ut you get the idea. It cfould be the name of your site like britishcomedions
you then choose your password either one you choose when you set up rthe site or your password for your internet account.

  steve263000 08:13 20 Nov 2006

I have tried to put ny details in via the broweser, but I seem to putting the path name incorrectly. Could you or anyone give the full path for the ftp access on NTL? Is it click here..... something? I think that is something like it, but I am getting the wrong path names.

If someone could make up a fake one using the ntl details, but using any user name and password I would be grateful. I have tried using the ntl help site, but without success.

  steve263000 23:21 20 Nov 2006

I eventually got onto the Tech support at NTL world, after a struggle, and they sorted out the address I need. For anyone else who might be interested, you have to put into your IE browser f t p://username: password @upload.ntlworld.com I have left spaces hoping that the 'click here does not come up

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