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  pinballmad 21:51 04 Nov 2004

I got a lot of picture on a CD which is taking to long to down load on to a webpage that can use and footpic.net said if you got loads of images you can do it via FTP but I don't know how to do it they have given me account details but I don't know how to start becasue I got two cd to do before friday on freeserve/Wanadoo also any good freeware software for FTP


  Newuser3443 22:23 04 Nov 2004

Are you running XP home?

  User-312386 22:45 04 Nov 2004
  pinballmad 22:45 04 Nov 2004

No I 'm usig window 98se

  Newuser3443 22:51 04 Nov 2004

Shame.....Dead easy to set up on XP without an third party software.

  pinballmad 23:02 04 Nov 2004

I never use a ftp before and i'm not sure if freesere has a ftp site or Wanadoo now.

i just downloaded ACEFTP 3 freeware version.

This is information from fotopic.net

To upload via FTP, you will need to use the following setting with your FTP client:

FTP Server
If you don't have FTP client to use you should publishg your through your web browser or obstain a software for FTP

  cdb 23:18 04 Nov 2004

I did this last night.
Use wise_ftp from one of the recent pca cover discs.
You need you email and password as given to photopic.net Then set up a new connection on wise_ftp

I put profile name as potopic.net
Hostname as click here
port ftp
user name as your email adress on potopic
password as password used on potopic
and that was it.
Connect to potopic on wise_ftp, then drag and drop the files you want. Then on potopic you'll find the files waiting to be published to your gallery, so publish them and they'll appear. ;)

  cdb 23:19 04 Nov 2004

Hope you can decypher that, the formatting has been stripped. :@

  pinballmad 23:56 04 Nov 2004

Sorry I need the information in basic english can't understand your way

I also download wide ftp as well now

  cdb 19:01 05 Nov 2004

If you had wise_ftp open in front of you that was basic english, it just looks complicated because this forum stripped the formatting from everything being on a separate line to it all being on one line. :-S
Chances are those settings apply to wide ftp as well, you just need to work out which boxes they go in. ;)

  pinballmad 19:34 05 Nov 2004

I need more help please anyone one.

othing sem to be working and I had a look at the help pages which does confuse me more>

I magage to get this internet page of ftpfotopic.net blank but try copy the image does not help and I tried it on wis_ftp and nothing is moving

Any idea of help please


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