Ftp freeze but IE fine

  jjs2451 12:53 24 Nov 2005

Hi all,

problem: IE works fine, network works fine ftp does not. cant connect via dreamweaver or when i type in an ftp address in IE freezes. please help as im a web designer and i cant update my customers websites



  pauldonovan 12:56 24 Nov 2005

When you say freezes, if you leave it (for quite a while) do you get an error messages coming back?

If you have a firewall ftp may be blocked.

  jjs2451 13:06 24 Nov 2005


cheers for the fast reply, yes iam behind a mccaffe fire wall, but i have disabled it to try it but still no joy. it was working from behind the firewall origanlly



  pauldonovan 09:34 25 Nov 2005

Odd, do you get any error messages if you leave it long enough though?

Is it to a particular site? Can you try ftp'ing from a different site?

The other thing to try would be to ftp from the command prompt.

  jjs2451 09:39 25 Nov 2005

if i leave it long enough i do get error meesages, its all sites the momment i type in an ftp address into to my browser and press go its frezes

noy sur how to command prompt it could you please explain

many thanks again


  jjs2451 09:40 25 Nov 2005

i meant to say

not sure how to command prompt, could you please explain how


  pauldonovan 14:06 25 Nov 2005

i) What are the error messages?

and ii) In windows xp (I'm assuming you use windows xp) do:

Start, run, type CMD in the box and click ok.
You should get a black window up.

In that window type:


then press enter.

It should say:


Then type:

open <put your ftp address here>


open click here

or whatever your ftp site is... and press enter and see what happens - let me know.

You could also download an dtp program and try that e.g. smartftp, cuteftp, something like that.

  jjs2451 15:37 25 Nov 2005

Hi thanks again for the response

im using xp, when i did the command prompt thing it said connected to lb.hosts.co.uk

when you leave the internet it says time out message




  pauldonovan 17:01 25 Nov 2005

ftp is working on your PC but not from IE (although I note it isn't from dreamweaver either).

I would suggest you try a 'proper' ftp program such as cuteftp (search for it in google).

Alternatively, this might be your prob:

click here

  jjs2451 17:16 25 Nov 2005

Hi paul,

I installed cute ftp and the error messages were:

The remote host actively refused the attempt to connect to it.
1) Verify that the destination host name or IP address is correct.
2) Verify that the connection port number is correct (under Site Settings | Type tab).
3) The remote server may be temporarily or permanently inaccessible (try again later).
4) Verify that you have chosen the right protocol (SSH2, SSL, FTP, etc.) and have setup all required options for that protocol.

i then followed the article you posted and when i type my ftp address in the browser instaed of freezing its says can not fond page...so confusing

  pauldonovan 18:01 26 Nov 2005

..I still think it is some kind of firewall thing, but that doesn't explain why command version of ftp seemed to work.

OK...to see if something is blocking it lets take FTP programs out of the question and use telnet.

Go to the command prompt again (Start, Run, type cmd then press enter)

this time try the site I just tried that worked for me:

telnet click here 21

YOu should see a load of lines starting with 220 and one line saying "Welcome to Pure-FTPd" etc.

Let me know. If you don't then I think something is blocking you.

(NOTE: That ftp server is not in any way one that I own or have any knowledge of - it is just one I found when searching the web for your problem).

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