FTP - Could Somebody Explain This To Me Please

  t_o_m 22:51 03 Aug 2003

I currently have a website hosted by a friend on his server. He is purchasing a new server in the next month or so which will have FTP access. I have a rough idea of what this is but am not sure on how to use it to edit my site without having to keep e-mailing my site to my friend to be uploaded onto the server. Please help!

  Falkyrn 23:36 03 Aug 2003

File Transfer Protocol ... is (at its most simplistic) a manner of transferring files from one machine to another generally achieved through a specific FTP Program.

If your friend's server has FTP access only persons with his passworded access will be able to load files onto the server. Simple security and while he/she may allow you access that is a matter between them you and the service supplier.

  Falkyrn 23:41 03 Aug 2003


I should also have said that many of the better FTP programs make File transfer extremely easy and treat the distant server as if it was another drive on your machine.

There are various FTP Programs about ... some free,some shareware and some full retail products.

  Forum Editor 01:24 04 Aug 2003

allows you to see the remote machine's directory structure, and to place files in a particular directory of your choice - provided the administrator of the remote computer has granted you access.

You need to know which directory to transfer the files to of course, and in the case of a web server this will usually be a directory with your domain name. Inside you can create sub-directories to suit your particular web site's requirements.

You can also delete files from the remote machine, and transfer them (or copy them) to your own hard drive.

  t_o_m 12:05 04 Aug 2003

Thanks for the help everybody. I'm sure I'll get used to using it.

PS: Take a look at my website click here it is not finished yet as my friend who is hosting the site is on holiday!

  hugh-265156 01:17 08 Aug 2003

this click here is very easy to use

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