FTP for beginners

  Shinda 14:12 01 Mar 2003

Hi all
I am a beginner to this, what i would like to do is to be able to upload some (private) files that i have to my own web page, the files are too larg to copy on a single CDRW.Am running XP pro, have front page,but do not know how to use it, is this the prog I need to upload my files or do I need another prog,
Thanks in advance

  Pesala 14:28 01 Mar 2003

If the files are too big for a single CD-RW I doubt whether they will fit on your webspace. 50 Mbytes is pretty generous for a webspace allowance.

  Pesala 17:43 29 Mar 2003

click here to read about different graphic formats, and how to reduce files to managable sizes.

  SurgicalSpirit 17:55 29 Mar 2003

you might consider using an ftp client such as cuteFtp or FlashFtp click here and see if there is anything thats freeware

  Forum Editor 19:59 29 Mar 2003

is right.

If the files are too large to fit on to a CD they will be vastly too large for a web site. Even if you had the server space (which is extremely unlikely) the files - which I assume are images - would take hours to download on an ordinary dial-up connection, and many minutes on broadband.

Have you already designed your web site? If you haven't you'll need to do that first, and FrontPage will do the job very well. FP can upload files directly to the server, or via FTP, but you'll need to have FP extensions installed on the server if you want to use any of the FrontPage gizmos like moving text and hover buttons etc.

Come back with more information, and we can take you through the process by stages.

  keverne 22:13 29 Mar 2003

If your files are too big for CD-R and uploading to your webspace then buying a DVD-writer is an option. It's something like 8gb that a single DVD can hold.

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