FSB Speeds

  Ops 22:09 28 Mar 2005

Im correct in thinking, the higher your fsb speed the faster your system would work.

Or am i completely wrong.

  bremner 22:18 28 Mar 2005

The faster the CPU will run.

But if you overclock it (run it faster than its stated speed, then it will get hotter and will possibly/probably cause the system to crash and also cause irreparable damage to the processor

  Ops 22:24 28 Mar 2005

So if i was to upgrade, what sort of fsb speed should i be looking for, say the processor was 64 bit 2200

  bremner 22:39 28 Mar 2005

I stand to be corrected but I believe all Athlon 64 bit CPU's have a designed FSB of 200MHz.

  Paranoid Android 22:57 28 Mar 2005

Erm - it's not quite so simple as that.

The processor speed is set by the FSB speed and a Multiplier factor. The multiplier can only be changed in big chunks, whereas the FSB can be increased incrementally. So a processor with a lower fsb speed could be faster than another, if the multiplier is set higher.

The best Athlon 64 boards show fsb speeds of 1600 Mhz, but it is important to understand what this means. Unlike other AMD chips, the memory controller on Athlon 64s is on-die, not in the Northbridge - in other words the true fsb speed, if there is such a thing, is as fast as the processor can talk to itself internally.

Direct comparisons with older models can't really be made because of the reduced latency caused by cutting out the Northbridge.


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