FSB speed to BOBO to RAM speed

  Biker Dave 20:54 23 May 2006

Have read existing links etc but still confused! Through upgrades etc have 1gb pc3200 ram with 333mhz capable MOBO with 1.7 athlon cpu rated at 266mhz. Currently jumpers on mobo set to 266mhz as recommended, question is can i set the mobo to 333mhz without blowing cpu up or would it not make any difference anyway. Simple answer appreciated!

  ed-0 22:35 23 May 2006

that depends on the motherboard. If you mean just upping the speed of the ram to 333Mhz and you are sure the cpu fsb will still be at 266mhz, then that is fine. The best setting for the ram would be "spd". if your motherboard supports this then it will read the eepron chip on the memory and run at it's fastest speed.

But it depends on the motherboard. Post the
make and model of it and someone can advise on the best settings for you.

  Biker Dave 22:56 23 May 2006

Hi ed-0

Motherboard is ASROCK K7VT4A PRO.

  ed-0 23:05 23 May 2006

your board should take it as pc3200

Enter the bios and go to advanced bios setup. Set the dram frequency to 200Mhz [ DDR400 ]. make sure the cpu host frequency is on auto / 133Mhz. F10 to save and exit.

If 200Mhz is not showing, then use 166Mhz [ ddr 333 ].

  woodchip 23:15 23 May 2006

Ram Speed as a different settings to, CPU fsb

  Biker Dave 23:22 23 May 2006

dram frequency was set to auto at 166mhz and gave me option to set to 200mhz, have done this and all is fine! Woodchip can you explain? If I changed the jumpers on the mobo to 333fsb would this blow up the cpu or because the cpu is limited to 266mhz i wouldnt gain anyway. I believe the chip is capable of overclocking but never gone there yet!

  ed-0 23:44 23 May 2006

I think woodchip meant to say

Ram Speed has a different settings to, CPU fsb.

This what you have done. You are running it at it's fastest speed.

Don't overclock the athlon, is it the 2100+ running at 1.73Ghz? Running it at 333mhz will probably damage the chip. It will generate a lot of extra heat and the increase in speed will probably not be noticed.

  woodchip 23:48 23 May 2006

AS ed-0 above

  Biker Dave 23:53 23 May 2006

chip is 1700+ running at 1.47ghz

  ed-0 00:00 24 May 2006

I still don't think it is worth overclocking.

If you wound it up, you would get just 1.8Ghz against nearly 1.5Ghz. beleive you me, you would not notice that little bit extra.

Thing is, if you fry the chip where are you going to get another.;-(

  Biker Dave 00:05 24 May 2006

Thanks guys. i'll leave well alone!

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