rickimalone 12:41 20 Apr 2004

Hello my Lapton is AMD1500+ 512MB PC2100 RAM with a ATI RADEON 1GP 3200 chipset....

Im trying to work out my real FSB......

Can anyone make sence of this readout and tell me what it is???


General Information :

Real Frequency : 530.1 MHz

Performance Rating : 200 PR

Multiplier : 4x

Front Side Bus Information :

Front Side Bus Speed : 132.5 MHz

Bus Speed : 265 MHz (DDR)

Initial Frequencies :

Frequency : 400 MHz

Front Side Bus Speed : 100 MHz

Thermal Information :

Core Power : 16.22 W (approx.)

Processor Performance Information :
Throttle Mode AC : Adaptive
Throttle Mode DC : Adaptive
Current Configuration : Adaptive
Throttle : 530 MHz

Processor Power Management Information :
Processor Throttling : Yes
Throttle Range : 30% - 100%

  Pyrosoft 12:57 20 Apr 2004

Frequency = FSB * Multi

530 = 132.5 * 4

Your CPU FSB is 132.5

  rickimalone 12:59 20 Apr 2004

Is that any good??? I got the laptop for work 2years ago.........

AMD 1500+

512MB DDR PC2100 RAM


20GB 4000 RPM HD

Windows XP SP1

Is the anything else I could do/buy to improve performance of general office task etc.........

  Pyrosoft 13:26 20 Apr 2004

Well as far as I am aware 530 is no where near 1500+

I would have guessed that 1100-1200 is about 1500+

I have never come across it before, but this Processor Throttling must be slowing the PC down when the CPU is not being used.

How good it is really depends on what it is being used for, if you are just using it for Word and excel then it is a fantastic machine but if you are wanting to do gaming on it (mebbie not on a work machine though) then you will have issues with the newer ones.

it has got plenty or memory which is what you would use most of when using office applications, the CPU isnt really an issue here.

There isnt anything that i would recomend doing by way of hardware to speed it up. A defrag works wonders though, but I am assuming that you are aware of that kind of thing.

If anyone else has any ideas then I would like to have a wee look at them too.


  rickimalone 13:51 20 Apr 2004

I know that the 530 figure on the readout some times is 1345........

I know that because it is a powernow AMD XP Mobile processor it changes it'S frequency in relation to the demand on the cpu to save battery use..........

Am I to divide 1345 by 4 to get the maximum FSB from the set-up?????????

Thanks for your help........

  TomJerry 13:59 20 Apr 2004

It is default processor speed for a Mobile AMD XP1500 in a laptop. Because the power saving function of AMD PowerNow, the processor run at low frequency and speed up when it is needed. So the most hardware identification program only able to detect default frequency. You could try other program such as cpuid to see any luck.

Example: AMD XP2500+ Mobile frequency is 600MHz
Intel Centrio 1.5GHz frequency is 600MHz as well.

I think you laptop is good enough for most work. Two possible way to make it quicker

(1) Get a fast big HDD (not difficult), for example Travelstar 7K60 40GB UDMA100 8MB cache 7200rpm for £117 click here, or Travelstar 7K60 60GB UDMA100 8MB cache 7200rpm for £133 click here. Someone reported upto 30% performance gain.

(2) Get a faster CPU, but it is not easy to do, you have to study careful to check the possibility. AMD Mobile Barton XP2500+ £67 click here

  rickimalone 14:02 20 Apr 2004

New CPU??? i did know that could be done??? but if it could I would definatly do it.....

How much would it cost as there is no way I could do it..........

Also changing a HD on a laptop is there anyway to ensure compatability and is it hard to do????

Thanks to all for imput..... I'm in the mood to spend some money.......

  rickimalone 14:13 20 Apr 2004

FSB was just at 330 with [email protected]

Is 330 a good score, im asking as im not fully sure how FSB effects the performance of my manchine.......

  TomJerry 15:13 20 Apr 2004

Most modern laptop use standard 2.5" HDD. It would not be difficult to do it. You can look the bottom of your laptop, there should be some screws to open space for HDD. Some laptop has module design, the replcement is easier. Most 2.5" HDDs are 4200 rpm (rotational speed), some are 5400 rpm, but only two in the world run at 7200rpm which I suggested above. I know someone did HDD replacement twice, very easy.

For your old HDD, you can get an external enclosure (about £18) to use it as a portable HDD click here, click here.

As for CPU, I am not certain although I think it can be done. You need to look if you can open it and also the motherboard socket type. Maybe, you can open another subject to ask if anyone can do it for you.

  rickimalone 15:21 20 Apr 2004

Thanks alot for all that........

My HD is very easy to get to, im just not sure what one to buy I can spend around £70 but im not sure what i'm looking for.Is it a case of just buying one in my price range and clicking it in, or do you need special sized laptop drives.....

Also will I need to do anything other than just reinstall XP and Software and files on to it?

Compaq Presario 900 AMD1500+

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