FS 2004 Visual Flight Path

  timothywilliam 20:14 22 Nov 2003

A newcomer to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 I cannot get the Visual Flight Path to show on my screen when approaching an airport. I ensure Nav 1 is switched to the correct value on the radio stack for the destination airport via the Flight Planner and ATC, that the start height for the path symbols is reasonable and it is actually switched on. But I never get the flight path. Is there some sort of definite routine here that I am missing or what ?
I have not been able to comprehend the second row of standby buttons on the Stack I must admit nor the ADF/ILS set up, but I didn’t think they apply in this case. Any advice to someone who has made innumerable approaches from the wrong direction would be appreciated !
Thanks in advance.................

  nkosi 20:59 22 Nov 2003

Hi Timothy. I don't use the visual flight path feature but have been having a look to try and answer your question. I enabled it by going to the 'Aircraft' menu then 'Visual Flight Path' and click in the box 'Enable Visual Flight Path', select the altitude you want it to start from and click OK.

See if it's working by going to a pre-set approach flight, for instance 'Short Flights (kiosk)', 'On Approach'. This puts you in the 737 on finals at Chicago with the correct ILS already selected in Nav 1. As soon as the flight starts, press P for pause and enable the Visual Flight Path as above and start it at 1000 feet. If it appears ok you are probably not entering the ILS frequency properly for your landing runway.

You don't say which aircraft you are using, but on the 737 you enter the required frequency in the standby box and click the toggle switch to transfer it into the active box. Hope this helps. Ian

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