FS 2004 on laptop

  Rhuddlan 22:16 12 Aug 2010

Evening all,

I've not long sold my computer but bought a new Compaq Windows 7 laptop until I can afford a new decent pc. I used to have FS2004 on my old PC and used it most days, is there anyway I could install it on the laptop and use it on there? I don't expect the graphics to be great but should I be worried about overheating or running slow? Some details below, can't find any info on the memeory or model of my graphics card.

AMD 2.10Ghz
200Gb hard disk

  Rhuddlan 21:30 18 Aug 2010

Thanks for the response ams4127. However, after changing the resolution setting on the hardware tab in fs2004, I choose two options, 1366x768x16 & 1366x768x32 and when I selected both of these, the fs screen went smaller. It's current reslution is 800x600 and fills half the screen, surley there is a resolution that DOES actually fill the screen?!

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