Fs 2004 frame rates

  BobOne 14:28 07 Jun 2004

I am trying to improve the frame rates when using Fs2004, at the moment I get around 10fps.
I have installed a Radeon 9600 which I was told would improve the rate but didn't.
I have an Evesham AMD 1800 with 512 ram and lots of disk space. I have tried shutting down all other programmes but no improvement
What now please?

  Totally-braindead 14:55 07 Jun 2004

Try lowering the resolution, that may help or turn some of the details down or even off. Have you checked to see if their is an updated driver for your graphics card? I ran this on my AMD 2500+ with a FX5600 512mb Ram and was rather disapointed in the graphics. By the way what is telling you that you're only getting 10fps, if its some sort of benchmarking program turn that off and see what happens.

  [email protected] 17:27 07 Jun 2004

Hi there. I fly fs9 regularly with much the same kit and you should achieve better frame-rates than 10!. First of all the obvious - have you got it set at 10 (alt\settings\display\hardware). Next thing to look at is do you have all your sliders set to Max (all the way to the right)?
If you have lost yourself with all the different settings, reset them all to default and try again. Biggest FR hog in fs9 are Clouds (qty and quality) with various other Textures not far behind.
Let me know how you get on.
Good luck.

  [email protected] 17:43 07 Jun 2004

You don't say if you are using Addon Scenery which, if complex, has a huge impact on FR especially at Heathrow for example, or flying over densly populated areas with max autogen settings. Of course with this sort of situation its horses for courses and it depends what your tastes are and what you are prepared to forfeit in favour of a smooth flight! Biggest impact FR on the basic sim is Multi-texturing and Anti-aliasing accounting for 30-40%. Behind come Maximum Visibility, Water Effects and AI Traffic. Only you can decide but if you never fly over water and only want to see one or 2 other planes, lose the water textures and AI traffic for example.

  BobOne 15:20 09 Jun 2004

To Totally-brain dead and Wotbus, thank you both for your great help. I am working my way through them, Great!

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