Frustrating C Drive Message

  goonerjlf 21:53 16 Apr 2006

My comp. keeps telling me I have to clear space on my C Drive. I've deleted what I can, and even spent about and 30 minutes the other night clearing out as man cookies as I could. But the message keeps coming up.

I don't have too much in My Documents, e.g. Letters, etc. and never save too much in this area.

Everytime I get the message, I follow the prompts, and it calculates how much space needs freeing and then deletes 'temporary internet files'

Does anyone know what I need to do to stop receiving this message so often?

  De Marcus™ 21:57 16 Apr 2006

some system specs would help determine a few factors, i.e. hard drive size, how much is reported free and what operating system your using?

Also are you using any norton products?

  Taff™ 21:57 16 Apr 2006

Which Operating System are you using and how much free space have you got on your c drive?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:07 16 Apr 2006

Crap Cleaner click here will get rid of all temp files.

look in the windows folder for files staring with $ these are uninstall files for windows updates which can safely be deleted if windows is working ok after you lasted updated it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:09 16 Apr 2006

move the pagefile click here from C: drive to another drive to save space and increase performance

  goonerjlf 22:37 16 Apr 2006

System is Windows 98SE, and the free space I have is 2.34MB

  Taff™ 22:40 16 Apr 2006

Not enough room to manoevre there then! Suggest you add another HDD or back up and remove some of your files until you can get at least 10% of your HDD free.

  gudgulf 22:45 16 Apr 2006


Thats effectively nothing.......if running Ccleaner does not help you need to delete some folders and/or programs from your pc......or add a second hard drive.

As a general rule of thumb Windows needs around 15% of the drive free to allow for the page file/defragmenting and other system tasks.

You are lucky you can run the system at all with so little free space.

I suggest it might be time to look into a new computer....yours is now inadequate for your usage.

  De Marcus™ 22:46 16 Apr 2006

You have as Taff™ suggests, very little room to manouvre. The cheapest, i.e. free option is to uninstall all those programs you have but never use.


Install a dvd writer to back up all your documents to disk and delete them from the hard drive.


the best option IMO, install a new second hard drive and move everything to it.

Failing that, it's time to upgrade the whole pc.

  goonerjlf 18:16 17 Apr 2006

thank you all for your responses

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