frozon screen

  [DELETED] 14:43 22 Nov 2003

I have XP pro.
I keep experencing a frozen screen.
The only why to get rid of it is to turn of the power.
If I turn it back after a few mins the screen just stays blank and the power light flashes.
If I leave for some time before turning back on it works OK. the time between getting this problem seems to be getting shorter.
I have run the disk scan
Any ideas?

  [DELETED] 19:17 22 Nov 2003

Help please

  [DELETED] 19:25 22 Nov 2003

OK we need more information.

What is the specification or make and model of the PC?

How old is it?

Does it have up to date Anti Virus?

When did this start?

Anything happen before it that we might need to know??

To me it sounds like the processor is overheating. Is the fan on it working ok??

  [DELETED] 21:45 22 Nov 2003

It is 2 years old it is a time machine and it was a high spec at the time it was purchased.

It does have an anti virus and I down load kerspeskey( spelling not correct)today and run that it found nothing this seemed to slow the computer so I removed it.

Started about about a fortnight ago but has got worse by the day.
I down loaded some miro soft updates round that time.
I have tried restore back to 2Nov which was before the trouble
When I restarted started after this I got an error fault "matcli exe
program files\blueyonder
IST\ECT\mot prefs.
The fans appear to be working I can hear them.

  [DELETED] 00:34 23 Nov 2003

1) Are you saying there is NO Anti virus on the PC?

2) There are many fans in the PC. I'm talking about one in particular.

  [DELETED] 11:12 23 Nov 2003

Yes I do have an anti virus

How do I check the fan you talking about?, I am not very technical so please keep it simple

Thanks again

  [DELETED] 11:38 23 Nov 2003

I downloaded Kespesky Anti-virus beta version of their latest release... guess what.. my machine slowed to a crawl, and I found out later, that within the download I attracted a virus!!! I unconditionally formatted the hard disc and did a complete reinstall... all is good now.. and I now use AVG again click here
no problems since..

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