Frozen Vaio VGN FE28B

  ian1588 11:50 13 Aug 2009

Following replacement of the battery I fully charged it the ran it right down prior to a full recharge. Having done that,the power lights come on and show that the battery is fully charged, fan works but laptop is otherwise frozen. I have turned everything off for 30 mins and tried the old battery again but no joy.

  sunnystaines 13:05 13 Aug 2009

how much did the battery cost as our sony battery is failing to hold more than 40mins of charge.

does the laptop work on mains without the battery inserted if so you have been sold a dud by the sound of it. did you get it from sony or elsewhere.

  ian1588 15:10 13 Aug 2009

The battery cost about £35. I have tried with the old battery and on mains and neither work. I think that the issue is that I de-charged the battery too much and I can't get the laptop out of hibernation.

  anchor 15:40 13 Aug 2009

sunnystaines: My old Sony Vaio battery was about the same. I got a replacement via an Amazon partner.

I looked at actual part number on the battery itself, and searched. It cost about £36 incl:p/p, & came from;

click here

Seems fine!.

  sunnystaines 15:57 13 Aug 2009

thanks for the link, but having trouble with it keeps quoting a AC Adapter instead of a battery, tried several times and ways with same result.

  sunnystaines 15:58 13 Aug 2009

where did you get yours from, sounds like it might be a recon gone wrong.

  anchor 16:21 13 Aug 2009


What is the part number on the bottom of the Sony battery itself?.

For example, mine is: VGP-BPS2A

I suspect yours will be something similar. This what I did a search for. Had no problem in finding various sources.

(It also says, 11.1v/4400mAh)

  anchor 16:37 13 Aug 2009


The source that my battery came from on 2nd August, is now out of stock.

Try a Google search for yours and see what links you get. Good luck.

  anchor 16:53 13 Aug 2009

ian1588: Sorry, it seems I and sunnystaines may have high-jacked your thread.

When my Sony has accidentally gone into hibernation, I just removed the battery, replaced it, and it came back to life when I pressed the power-on button. However, it seems you have done this without solving the problem.

Perhaps someone can offer assistance.

  ian1588 17:34 13 Aug 2009

Battery number is VGP - BPS2 rating 4400mAh Supplier Smartparts via Amazon.
Tried your restart suggestions but without success.

  sunnystaines 19:54 13 Aug 2009

sounds like something has blown I hope its not serious but going to sony for parts repair etc is a very expensive bussiness

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