Frontpage v Dreamweaver

  toddymax 14:40 09 Jan 2006

When I started web design I was guided towards Frontpage. I've got a fair idea of the software now but wonder if it's worth continuing learning f/page or whether to take a leap to something like Dreamweaver. Is Dreamweaver so much better than Frontpage? If so, why? I'd really appreciate some feedback from someone who knows both programmes. I'm no HTML expert at the moment - am learning slowly!

  ade.h 14:58 09 Jan 2006

By all accounts, stay with Frontpage. I now use it occasionally as an alternative to my main choice of NOF8. I couldn't easily get to grips with DW when I tried a trial version, and no way is it three and a half times the package that FP is (c. £100 versus c. £350)

  mco 16:25 09 Jan 2006

it might only be personal preference; I would do a search on this forum because the topic has been raised several times (once by me!) and many people have different answers and opinons. One thing I do gather, however, is that you mustn't believe the 'hype' that goes with Dreamweaver and that although it's an excellent program in the right person's hands, it's not necessarily that much better than Front Page.

  ade.h 18:14 09 Jan 2006

Dreamwaver is fine if...

a) you can justify the additional cost.

b) can learn to make the most of it.

c) have a need for its specific strengths over the competition.

  ade.h 18:27 09 Jan 2006

Or Dreamweaver, even...

  Forum Editor 22:18 09 Jan 2006

can do anything that DreamWeaver can do, and then some.

DreamWeaver is a great application, and I wouldn't be without it, but don't make the mistake of thinking that because FrontPage once had a terrible reputation (and it did) things are the same today. The latest (2003) version of FrontPage is an excellent web-design program.

  ade.h 22:56 09 Jan 2006

I hope there's going to be an '06 update to FP, perhaps in conjunction with Office 12?

It would be a pity if it started getting overlooked because of its comparative age.

And as the FE says, it wasn't always that good...
I still have a 2000 edition that was included in Office 2000 Premium, and I can tell you that there is nothing "premium" about it!

  Forum Editor 23:24 09 Jan 2006

I'm beta testing Office 12, and so far there's no sign of a new FrontPage version. It will have to come, however.

  ade.h 23:28 09 Jan 2006

I think it highly likely that I will blow the dust from my piggy-bank if it does!

  ade.h 23:31 09 Jan 2006

I suppose that it could well be standalone only. I wish MS would do with Office what Ability does; rather than offer arbritrary versions such as Small Business Edition and so on, you should be able to cherry-pick each component.

That way, I wouldn't have to pay for Powerpoint, which I find of no relevance, but could include FP and Access, which are less readily available.

  toddymax 14:31 10 Jan 2006

It was really interesting to have the feedback. I have got on OK with Frontpage so far and so will press on learning more about it. It's a very true comment about 'hype'. That's why these forums are such a useful tool to those of us who work away in splendid isolation!

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