frontpage and publishing to a ftp server

  matt1234 19:04 20 Dec 2004


i have made a site in dreamweaver with some flash in it. Ive bought a server and im just waiting for them to activate it.

Im gonna transfer the site via frontpage (i know how to do it) when checking to see if it frontpage will do it, i am unable to click on the publish button to put it on the server

Does anybody know why this is not working?


  Taran 20:02 20 Dec 2004

A couple of things spring to mind, but first I have a question for you:

If you made the site in Dreamweaver, why do you want to upload it from FrontPage ?

Dreamweaver is more than capable of publishing the site and unless you want to add some FrontPage extension driven stuff, I can't see the point. You're making things more difficult than they need to be, unless you no longer have DReamweaver on your system of course...

Now, the first thing you should do is import all files into FrontPage, open the index.htm file - if it's index.html FrontPage may rename it to index.htm during the import, so you will need to fix goosed links on your other pages. Save the open index page and see if the publish option has becmoe active.

If not, open your web site from the web, not on your local copy.

Click on File, Open Web (this depends on your version of FrontPage) fill in your FTP details and once the FrontPage knows where your site is on the web it will allow you to publish.

There are a couple of other things to check but this should get you up and running.

Finally, unless you want to take advantage of FrontPage Server Extensions or the really nice synchronise options in FrontPage 2003, you might just be better off with a dedicated FTP client.


  matt1234 10:06 21 Dec 2004

ok do you know how to it in dreamweaver as thats a very long way around it!!!!

  Taran 14:26 21 Dec 2004

It depends on your version of Dreamweaver and on which view option you have it set up for (coder or designer) but in principle, you do this:

On the top toolbar click on Site, then click on Manage Sites.

You should have already created (defined) a site in Dreamweaver with your files in their root folder, but if for some reason you haven't, you should create a site - see the help files, click here or click here

If you already have a site defined, when you click on Site, then click on Manage Sites, choose the option to Edit from the pop-up window.

The bit you need to worry about is your site's remote information, which you can see on the Advanced tab of the Site Definitions editor. In here, you put your site FTP address, user name and password, then click on the Test button. If you get a message that Dreamweaver successfully connected to your web server, you're good to go.

All you do then is select the Remote view instead of the default Local view, which connects to your web server and shows your local files and those on the web server. Depending on your version of Dreamweaver you may have to select the option to expand the Remote view, to be able to see your web server files and your local site files listed side by side. Next, select the local files you want to publish and then click the 'Put' arrow to transfer them over. Sit back and watch the progress bar.

Job done.

An FTP client program is often easier to use and certainly has more features available to you, but all WYSIWYG web authoring programs have the ability to publish pages from within the program.

A word of caution though: if you use FTP from Dreamweaver, or from a dedicated FTP client progra, you will mess up all chances of using FrontPage Server Extensions in the future without some interesting juggery pokery by your web server administrator.


  Forum Editor 18:22 21 Dec 2004

installed on your server space DO NOT try to upload files via FTP - unless you (or your web host) first disables the FP extensions.

You say in your original post that you've 'bought a server' - is this really the case, or have you rented some space on a web-hosting server? If you have your own server hosted by someone else you'll be the one doing the server-side configuration, and our advice may be different, so let us know what you have.

It's possible to import a DreamWeaver site into FrontPage (and vice versa) and then you can publish in the normal way. If you've built the site in DreamWeaver there won't be any of the special FrontPage components in it, and you won't need FP server extensions anyway.

It's all a little confused, so let us know exactly what the position is,and one of us will respond.

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