Frontpage or sanity

  edee66 12:10 24 Aug 2004

I took advice here and am trying to get to grips with Frontpage 2000. Can't recall a programme giving me so much frustration. Now as a beginner perhaps its to be expected. Im using WMe by the way if it makes a difference. Two major problems. I can only seem to get the links, bkmrks to work using 'Ctrl'. Putting 1 or 2 pictures or graph onto a page, and trying to move them around or putting text in is a nightmare. Is there an easier prog for beginners or does the prog want a new beginner?

any advice, whatever it may be is most welcome.

  Taran 12:43 24 Aug 2004

The best advice I can offer is to start with the FrontPage help files. These include a full 'Getting Started' tutorial as well as details on all the common functions you might want to use on a web page.

This link click here takes you to the Microsoft site where there is a FrontPage 2000 tutorial. It walks you through building a Millennium celebration website from start to finish and explains as it goes what you are doing, the tools you are using and how to use them.

Some more useful links:

click here (another one from Microsoft)

click here

click here

Instead of dumping images and text here there and everywhere, try using tables on your page to create a layout that allows you to drop your text and images into the table cells.

Finally, about the best way to learn FrontPage or any other web authoring program is simply to play with it. Clicking here and there, reading the help files and experimenting is about the best overall way of coming to grips with FrontPage.

Don't get too discouraged. Everything is easy, once you know how it's done. Until then all you see are problems and obstacles, but you will get there. If you come unstuck with specifics, just ask. Once you get your head around a few simple basics you will be amazed at how quickly your work progresses.

Good luck with it.


  Taran 13:10 24 Aug 2004

the latest version of FrontPage (2003) is absolutely superb, but from version 2000 onwards FrontPage had matured into a very, very powerful development platform. The pre-2000 versions were the cause of most of the bad press FrontPage has had over the last few years and deservedly so to an extent. Early versions produced some awful code and were a far cry from the easy to use, feature rich applications we have today, but from 2000 onwards you have a very capable tool at your disposal.

The excellent Supersite for Windows, by Paul Thurrott click here was, until recently, entirely produced using FrontPage 2000. Although some of it has been updated, rewritten or is new content using FrontPage 2003, many parts of it are still FrontPage 2000, like this page for example:

click here

It's a useful example that FrontPage, in any version after 2000, can be used to produce and manage some very large and complex web projects.

  Taran 13:16 24 Aug 2004

I meant to add that on a purely personal note I have used FrontPage 2000 (and more recent versions) to create and manage some large intranets and public facing corporate sites. I think that the table handling tools in FrontPage leave Dreamweaver in the dust in many ways, it's form handling is a godsend for those who do not want to get into CGI or PHP scripts and it has all the features you might need to go from beginner right up to professional levels.

  edee66 11:51 25 Aug 2004

Thanks guy's its encouraging what you say.

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