FrontPage, NetObjectsFusion, Dreamweaver - which?

  Dae 20:29 27 Jul 2005

Some web page writers have said they use all three of FrontPage, NetObjectsFusion and Dreamweaver.

Would some of these multiple-application users say what features about a job lead them to choose one of these three rather than the others?

I assume that each application is best at something, and I would like to know what it is that each of these is best at.


  ade.h 19:10 28 Jul 2005

Well, i've *tried* all three, and settled on NOF. Very happy with it, too. Dreamweaver was going to take a lot of patience and time to learn (I have very little of either!) and Frontpage (2000 version) was just useless. The results with FP were poor compared to my efforts with NOF8 and it wasn't as easy to use. I understand that version 2003 is much more capable, though I haven't been able to try it.

I think that if you can justify the cost of Dreamweaver (twice as much as NOF) and can get to grips with it, then it's probably a good choice. The majority of pros can't be wrong. The thing is, NOF is almost as potent, easier to live with and cheaper. No contest.

  Taran 03:41 29 Jul 2005

In brief:

If you need one all-rounder, buy FrontPage. It can do most things Dreamweaver can and quite a few that it can't, and it's cheaper.

Dreamweaver gained its reputation some years ago when FrontPage was not producing clean code. Many people simply reiterate what they may have heard or read in comparative reviews from some years back, and base their opinion of the products on less than full product knowledge. I get tired of hearing such opinion when it has obviously not been formed with any experience of actually using the software in question, which is truly superb.

I'm a commercial designer and I use FrontPage extensively (so does the Forum Editor), but I also use Dreamweaver and NetObjects, and Adobe GoLive, as well as one or two others. They are all tools in the toolbox, but FrontPage is the one that gets used the most.

No other web authoring program beats FrontPage 2003 for all round capability with a gentle learning curve. For data driven sites, it kicks the tar out of Dreamweaver (and everything else) and leaves it gasping in the dust.

Here's a link to an older thread in this very forum click here

It covers some of the Dreamweaver/FrontPage arguments in more detail.

  Dae 22:01 30 Jul 2005

Thank you for the information.

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