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  yattonharry 13:13 01 Nov 2005

Hello everyone,
My FrontPage icon has chaned to that of a folder with a 'world' inset to that of a 'white document' [cannot think of another description] with the MS logo inside this.

Clicking on this causes my computer to crash. This is more than a nuisance, as I need to move my files from this computer to a new one. Can anyone help please?

The error message says:-
The "FATAL" exception 06 has occured at 0000:00000017

Many thanks

  ade.h 18:57 01 Nov 2005

Have you tried initiating a repair of MS Office?

You can do that from the CDs.

  ade.h 18:58 01 Nov 2005

It worked for me yesterday when I had a problem with Word icons.

  yattonharry 09:52 02 Nov 2005

Don't wish to sound too dull here - but how do I do that with a crashing computer? Can I do this in Safe Mode?

Computer crashes as soon as it opens onto my desktop. Arrrhhhh!!

  ade.h 15:51 02 Nov 2005

"Clicking on this causes my computer to crash"

So don't click on it then; there's no need to if you're performing a repair. Put your CD in and use the repair function.

  ade.h 15:56 02 Nov 2005

"Computer crashes as soon as it opens onto my desktop."

Can I take that to mean that the problem has got worse, or that there is another possibly unrelated problem at work as well? If it has started crashing as soon as your user account loads, perhaps it's not a Frontpage issue.

If so, I would suggest you try another user account first, then run in Safe Mode if you can't get anywhere.

This is getting to be a Helproom issue rather than Webdesign. A re-post might be a good idea if you can't perform a repair.

  yattonharry 16:19 02 Nov 2005

Hello ade.h

Hi there, Thanks I will now take this to Helpdesk as we have just discovered that there is another issue here, Nero has 'lost' a part of it and this is what seems to be causing the crashing, as removing Nero makes computer work fine again, though I did not check the Frontpage issue.

Cheers and many thanks for your time and help. Much appreciated.

  yattonharry 17:26 02 Nov 2005

I shall tick Resolved although I am not yet sure that it is yet.

  yattonharry 08:50 03 Nov 2005

Hello ade.h
Thanks for your help regarding repairing Frontpage Icon. I have now done this and I am pkeased to report that this worked. Many thanks.

  ade.h 19:05 03 Nov 2005

Nice one. Glad I could help.

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