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  Lady Lara 21:40 05 Nov 2004

i am using Frontpage 2003 and have tried the hit counter. I am aware that several colleagues have hit my site but the counter remains on 1.

Any ideas please

  Taran 00:11 06 Nov 2004

Did you get any error messages when publishing the site ?

The FrontPage hit counter has to be published to a web server that has the FrontPage Server Extensions, SharePoint Team Services v1.0, or Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 installed.

Assuming you managed to publish the site without any error warnings about FrontPage Extensions or similar, have you tried refreshing the page in your browser ?

Sometimes all you need to do is refresh the cached copy of your page (click the Refresh button or use Ctrl+R) to see the adjusted counter that reflects the number of visitors.

On a purely personal note, I detest hit counters with a passion that borders on the rabid. They serve no useful function. If you or your client want accurate statistics about your visitors, your web host will offer them via Webalizer or a similar site stats application. If your site gets little traffic it doesn't look good to tell the world that you have had 92 hits, just to put a number on it for the sake of argument, while a busy site normally looks like one without its visitors being told that it is one.

Anyway, I've gone off on one...

Check and double check your browser cache by using the refresh option and then make sure when you publish your site that there are no error messages about missing FontPage Extensions.


  Forum Editor 00:25 06 Nov 2004

that borders on the rabid"

Ditto to that, I'm afraid. I don't see the point of them, and never have.

Having said that......if refreshing your browser doesn't do the trick (and it often does) try uploading the site to the server again. FP server extensions can play some odd tricks at times, and this is one of them.

  User-312386 08:41 08 Nov 2004

I do know that Blueyonder/Telewest not NOT support FP2003 hit counters. Some other servers do not support them either.

As above though, i don't like them, although everyone to there own.

  fourjays 21:14 08 Nov 2004

Don't bother with the FP Counters. Get a free Javascript one from the internet. They are easy to find, and you only have to put up with a small bit of text at the bottom.

Personally, I don't see what the big prob is with hit counters... Its just a bit of fun... Lighten up dudes!

  Lady Lara 22:26 08 Nov 2004

Thanks all,

Am just using one for testing purpose to see how many hits I get from friends and family. Plan to use a javascript one like FourJays suggests.


  Forum Editor 23:49 08 Nov 2004

Well yes, perhaps you're right, but I'll stick to my personal view if that's OK dude - Hit counters are blunt instruments - they really tell you very little, apart from the number of times your homepage has been served, and as such they're pretty pointless. Historically they've mainly been used as a kind of vanity tool....."Look how popular my site is".

If you're simply after reliable test statistics Lady Lara, you can get far more information from your server stats than you'll ever get from a hit counter, and it'll be more accurate too. If you place a hit counter on the home page of your site it will certainly register the number of people who visit, but it's the easiest thing to fool - people often delight in clicking the refresh button in their browser, just to see it alter, and it will only record the number of times your homepage has been requested. A single visitor can greatly increase the 'hits'recorded.

Server stats tell you how many 'unique' visitors you've had - that is individual people - and much more besides. You'll get page by page stats, so you know which part of the site is the most popular; there'll be information about which browser each visitor used, and even where they came from when they hit your site, so if you have reciprocal links with other sites you'll know which ones are working best.

You might not need, or be interested in all this stuff, but it's worth mentioning, and most good web hosts will turn the stats on for your site if you ask them, then you can take a look any time you choose - just type in the url you're given.

  fourjays 12:21 09 Nov 2004

Who says they have to tell you anything!?

I just have one on my website out of interest, and with it being a particularly small site, itsnice to see that there have been 1000 page views. They are used for the same reason, as your little thing up the top that tells me there are over 152,000 registered users of this forum. And its of the same amount of use, as how many of those actually regularly post. Apart from myself and you (FE), I have probably seen about another 20-30, who make regular replies to posts in here. You would probably notice many more, as you spend all day on here, checking the posts. lol

I looked at the webalizer stats for my webpage, and what a load of rubbish they told me. They were telling me that I had received 100,000 visitors within the first week. Impossible, considering the web counter only received 5, and I hadn't advertised it or submitted my website to any search engines.

Besides, some JS web counters have a feature to count an IP address once.

  Taran 16:14 09 Nov 2004

How about we save a bit of time and agree to disagree ?

Web stats are, by their nature, accurate in the extreme, if you know how to interpret them. Many people confuse 'hits' with visitors and this is often where some pretty big gaps appear in the reality of things.

A single html page with three images on it is four files - or possibly five if there is an externally referenced CSS document. One request for that page from one visitor records four or five hits, 100 requests = 400/500 and so on. Now multiply that by the number of pages and the number of files those pages contain in your site. A twenty page site could easily have over a hundred files that make up those pages.

There is no JavaScript program on the planet that can even begin to challenge web server statistics.

Aside from the visuals of a hit counter, which I personally don't like, there is nothing stopping the webmaster from setting the counter at a false number to start with, or from altering it in a favourable direction manually, or by using the method described by forum editor.

I know of one designer some years ago who was doing this regularly with clients sites. I took over one of his sites after a dispute between him and the client and supplied compiled server statistics for the client to look through, along with details on how to read them. The hit counters were wildly out from the actual server logs and had been 'tweaked' to make it look as though the site was receiving more visits than it actually was.

I'm an old-fashioned soul up to a point, but if something adds no value to a site or can even contrive to detract from it, it should be avoided, in my opinion at least. Personal preference, as in many things, governs an individuals decision on whether or not to use hit counters, but I firmly believe that on anything other than a personal site they have absolutely no place and certainly no real use.

Given the coice between 100% accurate server statistics or a counter that can easily be fooled, which seems a more reasonable choice to indicate site performance ?


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