Frontpage help with navigation tree

  murgle 19:03 02 Sep 2005

Please help as I am about to crack up. I'm trying to build a website using frontpage 2000. After checking the navigation tree all the pages seem to be in order. When I click on report it is showing all the pages as unlinked?

Many thanks for any info.

  Forum Editor 19:06 02 Sep 2005

If you have, was all well?

Try to get hold of FP 2003 - it's a much better version.

  murgle 19:12 02 Sep 2005

Thanks for the reply. Yes all is well in my browser. It doesn't seem to be a problem with other websites I have, just this one I am recently building. So you think Frontpage 2003 is a good move. The thing that worries me is that I so busy I don't have time to learn new software which is why I have stuck with Frontpage 2000, then again it is 5 years old now.

  Taran 19:42 02 Sep 2005

The learning curve to migrate from FrontPage 2000 to 2003 is minimal.

The user interface is almost identical (overall) with a lot of added and enhanced features.

Try publishing your site locally (to a folder on your hard drive) then browse it to see how your page links behave.

If all is well, try creating a new site in FrontPage, choosing the Import Web Site Wizard as the new site template. Follow the prompts and browse to your locally published site then import it all into the newly created site.

I find it helps sometimes to select "Import the home page plus linked pages" and choose a number of levels you want to go down into the site structure. One or Two levels usually grabs everything in a small site while selecting 10 or 15 will grab anything up to that many subfolders depth within the site root folder.

Once imported, check out your links again in the new site and see where things are.

It can be hard pinning down faults like this sometimes. Every now and then software does what it shouldn't and finding out why can be a devil of a job. It can sometimes be easier to use a sideways attack and see what happens. If all is well then fair enough but, if not, it could be time to start digging into the root cause of the issue.


  murgle 13:32 04 Sep 2005


I have tried all the above suggestions but it still does not want to play. I have just ordered Frontpage 2003.


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