Frontpage ext.

  steven_frost 11:05 28 Oct 2003

were can i download them from for FP2000 as i would like to be able to test on my home pc i am running windows XP Pro

  tbh72 12:16 28 Oct 2003

click here

You can take a look here

  Taran 12:32 28 Oct 2003

If you install IIS - Internet Information Services - (Add/Remove Programs in your Control panel and click the Windows Components) it istalls a testing server on your hard drive along with FrontPage 2000 extensions built in.

You can upgrade the IIS FrontPage extensions by downloading the newer versions from Microsoft, but version 2000 extensions are installed as part of IIS so unless you're using 2002 specific functions this may not be a necessary step.

For email functions you'll have to cinfigure IIS with the necessary SMTP settings, but aside from that there are lots of built in helpfiles and it more or less sets itself up.

You can 'publish' your FrontPage site locally to IIS and then browse the pages in Internet Eplorer as you would a 'live' site. This is the beauty of a local testing server, it takes a bit to get your head around, but once you're used to it you'll never look back.



  steven_frost 13:21 28 Oct 2003

the next question is how hard would it be for the others to view the site from my hdd that need to see it for the test

  Taran 14:03 28 Oct 2003

I shouldn't look at that path.

Your best bet by far is to test things locally yourself and get people around to view it, take the site (on a notebook perhaps) to them for viewing or make a new folder on your web and upload the site to it for them to look at.

The address you would give them would be:

www. your domain name .co .uk /foldername/index.htm

In fact, you don't even need the index.htm filename. As long as you specify the foldername on your web that the test site is in, the browser, when it requests access to that folder, will interact with the web server and they'll look for index.htm, index.html, home.htm and home.html before any other pages, so as long as you have an index page in that folder, the server will deliver it to your browser.

I normally let clients see their site several times during development and get their feedback and involvement on all major changes. It's an important form of customer relations and helps you deliver a desirable product and in the meantime you build up an excellent relationship with your client which will be remembered.

Family and friends also appreciate this tack, and as long as you have a web host that supports FrontPage server extensions there's nothing stopping you from uploading the entire new site to a folder in your current site.

Letting people access the site running on IIS on your own computer is a security nightmare and is not a topic I want to cover for just that and other reasons. Believe me, I would be doing you no favours if I explained how to serve the site yourself for public access.

The IIS solution is for your development environment only. Using it for anything else is asking for trouble unless you put a very great deal of thought and effort into locking things down first. Don't go there.



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