Frontpage Express for XP?

  Brazils 16:12 08 Mar 2003

I have read that Windows 98 came with Frontpage Express. I cannot find anything similar with XP, which seems odd seeing it encourages integration with the WEB.
I can use Word97 to write WEB pages, but the templates are limited.
What is my best option?

  Taran 17:48 08 Mar 2003

Word is a lousy web editor at best. FrontPage Express is capable, but if it's templates you are looking for you won't be any further forward with it than you are with Word.

An excellent site that deals with FrontPage Express and all versions of its bigger brother (FrontPage) can be found if you click here

You can extract FrontPage Express from an old copy of Internet Explorer and use it on Windows XP, if you really must.

Web editors come in all shapes and sizes. If you want a WYSIWYG editor where you work on a page and type text and add images directly onto it, your options are a bit limited. Check out magazine cover CD's for older versions of NetObjects Fusion and similar web editors. They may be a couple of years old, but the programs still work well and often have some nice templates to get you started.

If you want to be adventurous you can download AceHTML 5 freeware from click here

Note that this is not necessarily a simple editor but it is very capable. It's a good start if you want to learn the underlying code of your web pages.



  Brazils 18:40 08 Mar 2003

Thanks for the response. I worry about freeware containing 'Spyware'. Do you know about AceHTML?
A friend recommended CoffeeCup?
Anyone have any comments?

  Taran 18:55 08 Mar 2003

CoffeeCup HTML Editor is a fantastic program, but it isn't free. You can download a trial version of it, and it's well worth the paltry asking price to buy.

The AceHTML 5 program I mentioned above is as safe as houses. I have it on the laptop I'm typing this on.

There are lots of alternative products, but without knowing how advanced you are in web design and how complicated you would like your editor to be, it can be difficult to make appropriate suggestions.

At the end of the day, Windows Notepad makes an excellent website, but you have to know how to write the code in it for your pages.

  Brazils 19:41 08 Mar 2003

Thanks again. I have never published a web site before, but I know my way around Words web design. I suppose I like the WYSIWYG way of making a Web page. I want to make a Home Page with links to other pages, mostly showing photos. I like the idea of templates. I have made presentable pages with Word with thumbnails and these link to larger images. I just find Word restrictive. I'm happy to use a bit of HTML, but not work exclusively with it. AceHTML 5 looks scary!

  Taran 20:44 08 Mar 2003

If you aren't comfortable with a code editor (a la Ace HTML) then your options are limited as far as free software is concerned.

You could do worse than check out some of the magazine covermount CDs that I mentioned in my first answer. PC Advisor recently gave away Xara Webstyle 2 which does a nice job of buttons, banners, headings, backgrounds and so on for your web pages.

If you visit any good newsagent and take a look at the computing section, you can normally find at least one mainstream magazine that has a good web editor as a free giveaway, even if it is a year or two older than the latest version.

  Brazils 23:09 08 Mar 2003

I'll go and have a look tomorrow. I'm sure I saw one that had NetObjects Fusion the other day.
Thank you for all your advice.

  anchor 15:38 09 Mar 2003

I am not sure how Front Page Express will work with Windows XP, but if you would like it, I have a copy on a server I use. Just send me a message by clicking on ther yellow envelope. I could then send you the URL.

  Taran 16:09 09 Mar 2003

Oddly enough, it works just fine under Windows XP.

I experimented with it some months ago in a fit of nostalgia and everything went as it should have done on XP Home and Pro.

  Brazils 16:56 09 Mar 2003

Message on its way. Thanks for your offer.
I assume it is a bit better than Word?

  anchor 17:45 09 Mar 2003

I have sent the URL for Front Page Express to your e-mail address.

If anyone else would like it, please contact me. I got it from the Microsoft site before they removed it. I use Front Page now, but used the Express version for quite a while before I bought the full MS Office.

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