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  Baranth 14:49 22 May 2004

I have designed a website using FP2000 I initially publsed it using a FTP program then published using FP. I have a form within the site and have hyperlinjed the submit button to e-mail to the webmaster address. My problem is that it fails to operate and checking the reports within FP I have a message 'saving form results to e-mail will not work unless either the "SMTPHost" or "SendmailCommand" server configuration parameter are set. Can anyone shed any light on what I need to do to overcome this problem. Please keep it simple a novice at web site design.

  Baranth 23:51 22 May 2004

The site is net solutions and has FP extentions. What do yo mean by post the link?

  Taran 00:12 23 May 2004

I suspect one of two things here:

Either the web server email settings are incorrect or the FrontPage extensions need reconfiguring (or both).

Your ISP should be able to look in their system logs file for why you aren't always getting the results of your emails through your FrontPage forms, providing they have set up your web correctly, with either SendMailCommand or SMTPHost in your FrontPage config file (hostname:80.cnf).

A short term solution could be to alter your form(s) to save their results to a file as well as send via email. Even though SendMailCommand or SMTPHost may not be correctly configured on the web server you should still be able to use the write to file method and this will allow you to manually check the file on a daily basis for form submissions. Not ideal I know, but it works.

the While waiting form them to resolve this issue you may want to change your forms to both send you mail and store the results in to file. You can then use your FrontPage client to view this file.

In the FrontPage FormProperties make sure the Sendto: line details a text file, which should read something like this:

Sendto: _private/results

Activating hidden files and folders in folder view (Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Show hidden files and folders then click apply) will allow you to see the folder with the text file in it. Download a fresh copy of the file every day to check results.

You may need to ask your web host to reset the root folder or reinstall the FrontPage extensions.

Publishing via FTP often 'breaks' FrontPage extensions and the work involved in reinstating the extensions is often more troublesome than resetting the entire web root folder.

A good rule of thumb when using FrontPage for publishing is either stick with it 100% or don't use it at all. The extensions work superbly when the web server is properly set up but I don't think that most web hosts do nearly enough to make people aware that mixing FTP with FrontPage publishing often causes reall problems.

Try the above for a short term fix which will at least allow form submissions to be writtent to a text file. You could even completely remove the email link in the form properties until the web host resolves the SendMailCommand or SMTPHost issues, and just rely on the save to file method until then.

  Taran 00:23 23 May 2004

I must be tired, the filename I mentioned above (hostname:80.cnf) is likely to be the culprit but perhaps I should have explained more thoroughly.

It is far more likely that your host will need to configure either we80.cnf or virtualhost:80.cnf (hostname:80.cnf) to add the necessary SMTPhost or SendMailCommand.

Often the line in the file should read something like this:


It's a quick fix and not exactly taxing, so if your web host suggests all kinds of possible issues ask them to check the SMTPhost or SendMailCommand settings in the we80.cnf or virtualhost:80.cnf files.

You'll probably hear a sharp intake of breath from whoever you're speaking to. I've noticed that if the person on the end of the phone realises that you know something about the processes involved they can often be a little more helpful...

  Baranth 11:59 23 May 2004


Thank you for the explict response I will try the above and post hopfully my success.

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