Frontpage 2003 - uploading web site ?

  flunkoid 10:18 08 Jan 2005

Since upgrading to XP and FP 2003 my website files will not upload to my website.I use web space provided by Wanadoo and use their FTP Mysite - there was no problem when I was running ME and the old FP.The main problem is that some graphics and all digital photos do not upload onto the site - even though they are resampled,resized etc.They seem to save ok - but will not display on the web.I'm sure the solution is simple but I can't find it.

  Forum Editor 10:49 08 Jan 2005

directly from FrontPage?

If so, have you made sure that all the graphics and images have bee imported into the FrontPage web before you attempt to upload? If they aren't, they won't be sent to the server - the site will be trying to call the images from a directory on your hard drive.

  Gingermum 19:52 10 Jan 2005

Just a thought:
If you've renamed anything using the same name but changing the case, they will not show on Unix servers which is case sensitive.
Your home computer is not, so will show them and FP doesn't see any difference so doesn't upload them as it sees files with the same name already uploaded.

  Forum Editor 23:51 10 Jan 2005

FrontPage compares the local files with the files in the web on the remote server when publishing, and will publish all the files in your web, overwriting the server copies, so if your image files have changed in your hard drive copy they'll change on the server too. If you haven't imported the new image files into your local FP web they won't be sent to the server, and because the page links point to a location on your hard drive the existing remote files won't appear either - there'll just be a placeholder created by your browser.

You can select an option to have FP compare the timestamps on the local and server copies, and publish only those files which have been changed since the last upload.

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