Frontpage 2003 beta questions

  STEVE71163 13:51 09 Jul 2003

I have just recieved frontpage 2003 beta as part of the office package that microsoft have sent. If i load it onto my machine will it leave frontpage 2002 intact as i am getting along fine with 2002 but would like to see what improvements 2003 has to offer?

  STEVE71163 14:57 09 Jul 2003

Since my last posting i have loaded up 2003 and all working ok. Can i get the toolbar back that is in 2002 on the left hand side? I do like the split view that 2003 gives :0)

  Forum Editor 18:32 09 Jul 2003

is not to try to run both versions of FrontPage.

I've been running the beta for many months now, and it's just been 'refreshed' (Microsoft-speak for 'updated')so it's as near to the final release as makes no difference - although there may be some changes when the code goes gold some time soon.

The 2003 version is so good I don't see any point in staying with FP 2003, and if your budget will run to it I strongly recommend that you upgrade when the time comes.

  STEVE71163 18:42 09 Jul 2003

Thanks FE. I must admit,Looking at 2003 this afternoon it does look really good. The split view is a good idea!

  tbh72 19:41 09 Jul 2003

With the pending release of FP2003 in the very near future, has anyone got the Full Version of FP2002 for sale?

I hope you don't mind me asking here FE, delete post if it's inappropriate.

  Forum Editor 20:13 09 Jul 2003

Ask away, but remember - any negotiation between yourself and another forum user is a matter for the two of you. We are not in any way involved and we do not act as agents in the sale.

I must warn you that sending money to someone you don't know is a very risky business at the best of times, so proceed with caution. Anyone who wishes to discuss this with tbh72 should do so by email - not in the forum threads please.

  User-312386 20:40 09 Jul 2003

In FP2003

to get the pane on the left hand side, look on the second row down and sixth from the left, hover over and it says "toggle pane". Click on that and hey presto

  powerless 22:23 09 Jul 2003

Is a product that is activated?

How would you get around that? Legally...

  User-312386 23:58 09 Jul 2003

you can not run the 2 side by side as when you install FP2003 it uninstalls FP2002


  STEVE71163 06:10 10 Jul 2003

madboy33. Yes you can run the two versions side by side because i am doing it. It asks you when you are loading if you want to delete previous versions.

  User-312386 19:42 10 Jul 2003

I appologise, however, not wise really as you could get conflicts

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