Frontpage 2003 - an all comprehensive reference!

  Revi 20:09 27 Nov 2004

I have just bought Frontpage 2003 and have done a few hours training work with Microsoft’s on line training. I would now like to start building and publishing web sites. Can any one please recommend me an all comprehensive book, a sort of FP’s bible, which I could always have by my side and refer to it for any and all sorts help, like for instance showing me the exact steps to achieve a particular objective.

  megat193 21:24 27 Nov 2004

You could have a look at "Web Design - The Complete Reference, 2nd Edition" by Thomas A Powell, Published by Osborne, ISBN 0-07-222422-8.
It cost me 20 quid some time ago, and I do find it a good reference book. It is not a Front Page bible in any way, but if you follow it's tips, you should breeze through FP2003.

  Revi 23:48 27 Nov 2004

Thanks, I will take your word for it and shall buy one. Any one else any other books please?

  Simon_P 01:11 28 Nov 2004

If you are new to web design, the book (in the first link), and this forum will be very helpful to you.

Play about with FrontPage and if you get stuck come here and ask, your problem will most likely get resolved here.

FP 2003 is an excellent and powerful program.

Search “FrontPage” on the PCA site also.

click here

click here

All you need to know about html
click here

  megat193 10:25 28 Nov 2004

Having followed Simon7063's links I see that The Complete Reference has a specific Front Page 2003 volume, so that is really what you were looking for in your post. You can always browse through both to see which is more suitable, but on reassessment I think this click here is probably more up your street. Simon7063 is quite right about posting on this forum, you will always get speedy, and helpful replies.

  Revi 11:51 28 Nov 2004

Thanks guys!

  fourjays 19:08 29 Nov 2004

I bought a book (£30). It taught me nothing. If I ever had a prob, I typed it into Google, as very little was in the book. Otherwise its all self taught, by playing around with different features of FP2003.

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