Frontpage 2003

  Revi 20:49 21 Nov 2004

I've just bought FP 2003 but can't make out any head or tail out of it. There are quite a few books in the market to teach FP step by step. Any suggestions about a good yet inexpensive book which is best for a beginner. I have tried Microsofts free practice lessons but for some reason I am getting stuck at the final stage perhaps because of some unknown download problems. Help!

  Taran 21:23 21 Nov 2004

I'm not sure if you are talking about the Microsoft Training available at this link: click here

FrontPage help files are your first port of call. The FrontPage help files are basically a series of how-to walkthroughs, and they can help to explain a lot.

Some general FrontPage tutorials:

click here

click here

click here

If you have questions about specifics feel free to ask. One of th best ways to learn about it is to play with it - click here and there, see what happens, break things, put them back together again and so on.

  Revi 21:34 21 Nov 2004

Yes, You are right! The FP help files referred to in your no.1 "click here", for some reason unknown to me, don't work on my PC till the end. But many thanks for the other 3 click heres and also your offer to help. I would require at least a few days to work with the material given by you. Will revert after going through them or if I am stuck up somewhere on the way. Many thanks for your prompt reply.

  Revi 21:43 21 Nov 2004

One more thing! I started playing with it as you said but my problem is when I reopen FP 2003 then I find it all in a mess, in other words I can't wipe the slate clean to enable me to start afresh. Last time I was in a mess I thought I could render things back to normal by deleting the experimental files but inadvertently in the process I managed to delete some of the other files required by FP, so I ahd to reinstall the program once again. Is there any easy way to put FP back to normal after playing/experimenting with it?

  Taran 21:57 21 Nov 2004

You shouldn't touch any files in the Programs directory on your hard drive.

By playing with FrontPage I mean this:

Open up FrontPage.

Click on File.

Click on New.

From the panel that appears on the right of the screen, choose One page Web site...

Give the site a name and make sure its location is in your My Documents/My Web Sites folder.

Do what you like to this website, and if you want to get rid of it comletely in the future just open the My Documents/My Web Sites folder and delete the site from there.

The only way you can really hurt FrontPage itself is to start messing around with its installation files.

  Revi 22:08 21 Nov 2004

Thanks once again!

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