Frontpage 2002 potential buyer queries

  powerless 20:14 05 Jun 2003

Well first of all would it be worth buying considering FP2003 is slated for release soon?

Beta testers anything new and improved that would make a beginner like me want to wait for 2003?

Then again is FP suited for me, the beginner? I've had a look at the MS FP site and all the flashy demos and, well it looks dead easy, or is it?

The front page extenions concerns me that i could go creating something without realising that a exteniosn is being used. Only to find out later that my host (as of yet i have no host) does not support the extenison.

I'm guessing you have to choose an extenison so that way i would know. Or does FP hide it from to make it all nice and easy?

Any downsides to FP (might as wlll tell me now)?

  Forum Editor 22:30 05 Jun 2003

FP 2003 since the first beta, and I'm very happy with it. As far as I'm concerned it's the best version so far, and the final release should be worth waiting for.

Don't get too hung up on this FP extensions thing - most ISPs will support them, and if yours doesn't you can always ask them to install the extensions. They're free to download, and don't take much time to install and configure on a server.

The extensions are required to run some of the enhanced FP components like hover buttons, animated text effects and forms, but it's quite possible to design and upload a very good site in FrontPage without these components, and without the extensions being on the server.

  powerless 14:18 08 Jun 2003

Well i decided to buy FP and am now having a play with it :-)

  powerless 15:36 08 Jun 2003

Well i managed to create tables, thats it so far..

Little bit at a time for me.

  powerless 21:40 08 Jun 2003

Yes the html pane i do see whats being added when i make a change in the normal pane.

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