Frontpage 2000 - how do you copy web to cd to pc

  MichelleC 13:49 09 Apr 2003

You know when your memory starts to go...
I'm sure I've done it before.

I want to transfer a FP 2000 web from 1 pc to other pc - I copy to cd with nero, fine, then I've tried to duplicate via explorer, no good, (the contents doesn't copy) then import via FP, no good, then export (from cd), no good.

I think it's something to do with being unable to write/read service files.

  Taran 14:03 09 Apr 2003

Copy the web root folder to the destination computer from the CD.

Open it up and select its contents. Right click and choose properties, deselect the Read Only attribute and choose the option to apply this to all files and subfolders.

Note that this can mess up dynamic web content to a certain extent, since some of the background file permissions need to have certain attributes to correctly function.

Another alternative is to create a new empty web on the destination PC, then use the File, Import function and select the files and folders from the CD. Once everything has been imported, test the site to make sure everything arrived safely and off you go.

Finally, if you have a fast connection (if the site is big) or a slow one where the site is small, just publish it to your web host server and then import it on the destination computer, again using the FP File, Import menu.

Hope this helps.



  MichelleC 17:44 09 Apr 2003

I copied to cd, used the utility from another post which lets you deselect the read only with r-click, and imported. I think there's only a few bits which need adjusting, like some of the pages lost their themes, but only minor things.

Cheers, Taran.

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