Frontpage 2000 crashes why?

  irish_red 20:07 01 Aug 2005

I've been working on my web design since Feb 05 using Frontpage 2000 & everything was going fine. Half way through I published some of the pages using WS FTP Pro. These successfully uploaded. Then it all went horribly wrong!

I created a new page, tried to save a photo form my documents & Front page wouldn't let me, telling me that I had to contact the web author!?! I'm either prompt with this message, or when I save a new or updated file, my computer locks up & I can't do anything!!!

I've tried taking WS FTP Pro off, moving the files in my web to a new web, virus scans, removing some images to make room for more (thought I might have too many images within my web, though I've loads of room on my hard drive).

Please can someone help me! I've spent countless hours on my website, and at the moment it's all for nothing.

  Forum Editor 20:52 01 Aug 2005

from the Helproom - you'll get more help here.

First of all, why did you use WSFTP to publish your site? If you want to use any of the special FrontPage features you must publish to the server direct from FrontPage - if you use an FTP transfer the site won't work. I notice that you say you only published some of the pages - had you previously published your whole site to a server?

You say that the countless hours spent on your site are all for nothing, but that's not so - you have the local copy on your hard drive, and presumably you can open it in FP 2000 can't you? You don't need to uninstall WSFTP, and you shouldn't start moving files and/or directories in your existing web - you'll get in a mess if you do. Just leave things as they are, and we'll see if we can sort out the problem. Answer these questions carefully if you would:-

1. Have you at any time published the whole of the site to a server?

2. If so, does the server have FrontPage extensions installed?

3. Do you have a safe copy of the site - as it stands - on your hard drive?

4. Can you open the local (hard drive) copy of your site in FrontPage?

Come back with those answers and we'll go from there.

  irish_red 18:24 02 Aug 2005

Thanks for the response.

I used WPFTP as I took the advice of my Dad as I didn't know any better, being new to web design & publishing.

In answer to your questions:

1) I have published the whole site (what work I'd done on it)to my NTL webspace & indeed it works (click here). It was only after this that I have had the problem of Frontpage completely locking up whenever I try and save anything new into exisiting or new pages within my web on my hard drive.

2)I'm pretty sure NTL does support FP extensions. I don't know whether it makes any difference pointing this out, but the site I'm working on is very basic. Pictures and text in an orderly format. No flashplayer or anything like that.

3)Not sure what you mean by a 'safe copy'? Probably not. The original web is on my hard drive. There is no other copy than what I copied to my server. Could it be that one of the pages is corrupt? Sorry, I wouldn't know this.

4) Yes I can open the local copy on my harddrive & very occasionally, it lets me save new pages into my local web. This is what is so confusing. It won't, however, let me save additonal pictures.

This is going to sound a little O.T.T., but it would mean the world to me if someone could work out what my problem is, or suggest an alternative way to get my site kick started again. I've spent sooooo much time researching for the site.

thanks in advance

  Forum Editor 18:41 02 Aug 2005

is that the FrontPage extensions are OK - otherwise your text scroller wouldn't be working, and neither would the hover buttons.

Something's wrong with the news.htm page - the images are all over the place, but that's easily resolved.

Let's talk about the image problem - when you add new images to your pages how are you doing it - are you using the FrontPage 'import' command from the File menu? Try this - use the import command and when the dialogue box opens up navigate to the folder on your hard drive where you have the images you want to add. Select the image or images and import them - you'll see them appear in your folder view on the left of the FP screen. If they aren't in your 'images' folder drag them there after the import has finished - all your images should be in this folder, it keeps things tidy. By all means create sub-folders inside the images folder if you wish.

Then, and only then, open the page in which you want to place an image, or images and drag them across from the images folder. When you've finished working save the page - FP will automatically save to the local copy if that's the one you opened. If you open the server copy the images will be saved there, but I advise you never to work directly on the server - always do your work on your local copy first. Once you have finished your updates and saved to your local copy you can publish to the server. All the new images will go up to the server automatically - don't touch WFTP Pro.

Try that, and come back ( I hope) with good news. If the news isn't good we'll try something else - you might email me with your server login details and I'll take a look at the site files, but we'll leave that option for now.

  irish_red 20:40 02 Aug 2005

An error occured acessing your frontpage web files. Authors - if authorising against a server,please contact the webmaster for this ervers site

  irish_red 20:49 02 Aug 2005

Okay, tried doing it this way, rather than the 'insert picture from file' icon from the toolbar, as I had been doing thus far.
when trying to import any folders or files, I'm usually given the following meesgae, or the computer locks up & I get nothing at all:

"An error occured accessing your FrontPage web files. Authors - if authoring against a web server, please contact the webmaster for this server's site. WebMasters - please see the servers system log for more details."

It then only gives me the option to press OK, whcih I do, then save, whcih I do, and the whole computer locks up (ctrl/Alt/Del) is the only option to shut down FP)

Occasionally I can save pictures from my hardrive to a new page as a one off (then it locks up when I try to add anymore information or pictures. It NEVER works in news.htm Could this be anything to do with my problem?!?

  Forum Editor 23:16 02 Aug 2005

with the FP server extensions, or there may not - try this anyway:-

1. Go to Start/all programs and select accessories.

2. Click on 'Command prompt'

3. In the command window type: ipconfig /flushdns and press 'enter'

4. Close the command window and go to start/search.

5. Click on 'Files and folders' and enter this in the search panel: *.web

6. Run the search and delete all files found.

7. Do the same thing again, only this time search for: *.tmp and delete all files found.

8. Finally go to Start and click on 'My network places ' in the right-hand panel. Delete the reference to your web.

Now open FP and try to work as normal.

This might not work - there are some known issues concerning the error message you're getting.

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