Front USB ports on case

  Elrond 17:39 22 Feb 2003

The new case which I installed my pc into a goood few weeks back has two front usb ports which I never connected. So yesterday I decided to connect them up. I connected them to the pins that my manual said were for USB ports and the hardware wizard recognised and began installing them. It then siad they are installed but may not function properly, and they don't. For the minute I have unplugged them again. Any ideas?


  Djohn 17:41 22 Feb 2003

Which O/S and are they USB1 or 2 ?

  Elrond 17:44 22 Feb 2003

I'm on XP, and I can only assume they are USB 1.1 as the case wasn't that expensive, however my MOBO supports USB 2.0 and I have a PCI card with 2 USBb 2.0 ports on.

  « Ravin » 17:47 22 Feb 2003

if its usb 2 i think you have to install the drivers for them as well as a m/s service pack (not needed if you have sp1 installed)

  Djohn 17:55 22 Feb 2003

« Ravin » is correct, you will need the patch or service pack one, for win xp to recognize USB2.

  woodchip 18:15 22 Feb 2003

If you connect the wrong way round to the headers you will fry the usb. red wire goes to pin 1 in one row the red wire for second row could be pin 5 or 6 but it's the first pin on that row with the lowest number

  Rayuk 18:58 22 Feb 2003

As woodchip says check wires.
There should be a diagram in your manual of wire arrangement.Check that they are the same on your front usb connecter,it is easy to pop the wires out and reconnect them the right way.

  Elrond 19:25 22 Feb 2003

All wires are fine. They match and are plugged in identical to the wires that are connected to my PCI usb ports(which work fine). |Thanks for all posts so far guys.

  Rayuk 19:53 22 Feb 2003

What motherboard have you
Basic question have you enabled all usb in bios?

  Elrond 20:23 22 Feb 2003

All USB is enabled in the BIOs. My MOBO is Gigabyte GA-7VA

  Rayuk 20:52 22 Feb 2003

Cannot see anything in the manual to help,only suggestion I have and you may have already tried it,swap the connecter with your pci card see if it works and try your pci in the other connecter see if it works.

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