Front panel switch not working need a get around!

  Sparkly 19:10 27 Sep 2008

Hi all a while back my sons pc would not start when he pushed the button it did start again after we took the front panel of and pushed and proded the button it has kept going up untill this morning. We have opened up the comp and there is a green light on the motherboard, from the m/b the front panel switch is connected by a ribbon cable and the start button is connected from this panel via 15 pin header and ribbon cable. Not being electricly minded is ther a way to start the comp by bypassing the button or is there away we can test there is power from the m/b to either the front panel or start button, sorry if its a bit garbled but as i said "Not being electricly minded " thanks in advance.
Oh its a Dell 4550

  woodchip 19:36 27 Sep 2008

All the Button does is short the two pins its connected to the Motherboard and windows starts the computer. It a push to make, as soon as you let go the button the above takes over. Very unlikely that the button is not working, to try change the reset button to start button pins as this does the same thing. Just to test to see if it is start button

  woodchip 19:37 27 Sep 2008

It does not matter which way round you connect the two wires

  Sparkly 20:53 27 Sep 2008

Hi woodchip,"try change the reset button to start button pins " there is only a block behind the power button switch with a 15 holes in it which fits onto a 15 pin header and that is connected by a small ribbon cable running back to the front panel switch which has a larger ribbon cable to a connector on the M/B i cant switch anything around here is a diagram of the System Board Connectors and Sockets

click here
Thanks for the reply.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:16 27 Sep 2008

Try a little WD40 on the button.

  Sparkly 07:03 28 Sep 2008

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\ gave that a try the button seems fine just cannot seem to get it to start, is there any other way i can test to see if the m/b if fine? I take it if that the green light on the m/b tells me its working how can i see if there is power getting to the fans,drives,floppy drive anything just to make sure its not the m/b for example before we go ahead and maybe buy a new case if thats what is needed and just install everything in the new/second hand case.
Just out of intrest when i pulled the block with 15 holes in it off and reseated everything again i didnot put it on correctly and only one row of pins were seated in the holes and this caused one of the led lights to light up green so i know at least some power is reaching the switch.
Many thanks

  ened 07:27 28 Sep 2008

Dell machines come with the front panel pre-wired to a multi pin socket.

You cannot just go out and buy a new case as you would need to strip off the connector and re-wire all the individual front panel connections.

You can still follow woodchip's advice but need to trace the relevent wires. Try having a look at the back of the Front Panel

I don't suppose it is still under warranty?

  ened 07:28 28 Sep 2008

You can buy a replacement case but there will be a load of fiddly work.

  Sparkly 07:43 28 Sep 2008

Morning ened "You cannot just go out and buy a new case" i was looking at a replacement case on ebay (another dell with all the relative cableing) a matter of moving everthing to the new houseing and hopefully it would be fine, hence a way to know if everything else was working fine. Thanks for the heads up on just replaceing the case for a different one though.

  Quiller. 08:21 28 Sep 2008

two things to bypass the power switch.

1) take off the 15 pin connector and with a small flat blade screw driver short one pin to another. That means touch 2 pins with the screw driver to make a connection. you will have to try various combinations to get the correct 2 pins but they will be together either parallel or vertical. Or you can trace the wires from the power switch to the 15 pin block. This will show you which terminals on the motherboard need to be shorted.

2) is to trace the wires from the power switch and strip the wires back, just a little and connect a third wire between the two. It just needs a quick connection to kick start the machine.

If the machine fires up, it's the switch. If it does not it could be psu or motherboard or ram or another component stopping the boot.

  Sparkly 08:35 28 Sep 2008

Hi quiller thankyou for that helpfull guide we will certinaly give that a go later and hopefully we will get to the bottom of it, appreciate your help on this.

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