front panel leds

  BREEN 12:22 14 Feb 2004

I upgraded my mobo and processor.I think I connected my front panel to the mobo wrongly now the lights on the front panel wont come on and I have to unplug the machine at the wall to restart it.

Have I blown the leds:?

Is the mobo damaged ?

Is there any answer to the problems.

  Rayuk 14:39 14 Feb 2004

Reconnect the case wires to the motherboard.

  hugh-265156 14:56 14 Feb 2004

the + - may just be connected the wrong way round.if so they wont work.i have done this myself a few times.

swap the + - around.

doubt any damage will have been caused.

  hugh-265156 14:58 14 Feb 2004

ps.your mobo manual will show the layout of the pins for reset,pwr and led connectors.

if you dont have one look closely at the board,it may be printed on it.

  Rennaissance 14:59 14 Feb 2004

my power one is blown, as i tried all different combinations to no avail. That may be whats happened to yours.

  BREEN 15:41 15 Feb 2004

I have swapped the lead round. Unfortunatley idiot that I am the first time I connected the wires I connected two + together.Still unclear havw I damaged my mobo..Is there any way of replacing the leds if they are damaged.

  Rennaissance 21:23 15 Feb 2004

Hello, BREEN please post replies here and do not email us questions. Yes i can still switch my machine on ad off. It was the LED that was kaput. You should be able to replace them, but that would be a little tricky. I would just buy a new case and rewire it, if the Leds bother you. I only really need the hard drive led anyway.

After getting a bit of a PC modding bug i changed my HD LED. Cut the wire and found an old LED hodler that came off an old machine and it all has gone in fine...

Look on click here and they have a range of LED colour's

  BREEN 11:18 16 Feb 2004


Thanx for the info.

Sorry about the direct email.

  hugh-265156 11:38 16 Feb 2004

you can also pick them up in various colours from maplins click here click "computers/case accessories"

check the voltages of led to fitting click here

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