Front Panel Audio - Help please!

  White_Elephant 20:53 19 Feb 2006

Just doing a new build at the mo.
Have an Asus case with front panel audio - headphone and mic. Have connected this to (hopefully) correct pins (JAUD1) as outlined in mobo diagram.
However, I don't get any sound or mic input. I do have a soundblater live 5.1 card connected and thats fine - can connect headphones to there no probs, but front panel audio just doesnt work. Have got power and the 2 usb ports working on it.
Can you have a sound card and the front audio at same time?

  hzhzhz 20:58 19 Feb 2006

Is it onboard sound disabled because you have a soundcard.

  White_Elephant 21:02 19 Feb 2006

How would I check?

there is one thing, In device manager it comes up with "mutimedia audio controller" and a question mark next to it.
When I try to install it asks for drivers that I dont have.


  jimv7 21:30 19 Feb 2006

The drivers for the onboard sound will be on your motherboard cd.

If you do not want to use this in place of the soundblater live 5.1 card, you must enter the bios during start up, by pressing the del key and change the onboard sound by disabling it.

  007al 21:42 19 Feb 2006

Is there anywhere on the soundblaster card to connect the front audio?

  White_Elephant 21:48 19 Feb 2006

i do want to use the Soundblaster Live audio card but also be able to get audio to the headphone and mic in socket in the front panel.

To 007al - there are 2 sets of pin connectors on the card, I think designed to connect to a proprietary soundcard I/O front panel device.
Doesnt match up with the connector coming from the case front panel.

Does this mean that front panel audio can only be used with onboard sound?

  Hertz Van Rentyl 23:40 19 Feb 2006

Pins are for the live platinum connection I think

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