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  Bandy 11:23 07 Jul 2004

Whilst playing with Front Page, I'm still at an early learing stage, I notice two meta tags in the header that I don't understand. The tags are:

meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage 5.0">
meta name="ProgId" content="FrontPage.Editor.Document">

Is there a specific purpose for these tags, and are they necessary ?

I also notice that the character set is windows-1252 whilst some other programmes use ISO variants

Apologies if it seems a silly question but I haven't yet found the answers elsewher

  Gingermum 13:26 07 Jul 2004

Frontpage insets a lot of unnecessary code and tags. In this case, the Generator and progID. They are not necessary but as long as you are editing with FP, then leave them.
Critics of FP will say that the code is bloated and this supposedly slows down your page.
However, I love FrontPage and put up with it. As to speed, ít probably makes a fraction of a second difference.

  Bandy 14:13 07 Jul 2004

Thank you Gingermum.

At present I'm learning about Front Page 2002 and Net Fusion 7.5

As of the moment I'm finding Front Page more "natural" to use than Net Fusion but it's very interesting to use the two, and, as in the case of the use of these tags, points out items that otherwise may not be noticed

  Charence 21:07 08 Jul 2004

This code is unnecessary. Also web pages made by frontpage do not fully comply with W3 HTML standards. e.g. DOCTYPE is not present, etc.

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