front page and auto run help

  User-70C5C3A1-F4B5-4C00-B159FFCBC9FDB517 17:39 30 Jul 2004

hi all ive desighed a page like aweb sight for a lot of program i wish to burn to a disk i made links to the the file so when you click download if you no what i mean which works fine running off hdd but how do i adress when on the disk and all so how i do make it auto run any help

  TommyRed 19:34 30 Jul 2004

This may be better posted on the WebDesign forun even though it's not a web page issue. The experts there may be able to help. HTH TR

  ScanJet 20:51 30 Jul 2004


I am not exactly clear what you mean about the links but here is a solution for 'Autorun'

Type code below into notepad (using your filename instead of 'welcome') and save as autorun.inf.Use this file in the root directory(ie. not in a folder) on the cd.....Should work ok.


Open=explorer.exe welcome.html

  peabody 21:17 30 Jul 2004

I hope I understand your autorun query correctly. If Scanjet's solution fails the reason is that autorun will not work with an HTML ("web page) file. You need to get hold of a little utility called WINOPEN. If you need it and you email me I can send it to you or it should be easily found if you look on the web.

  peabody 21:19 30 Jul 2004

Again, hope I understand the query. If the links work ok on your HDD they should be just the same on your CD (or DVD). A link is a link!

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