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  [DELETED] 09:42 16 Dec 2003

Does anyone know what the _vti_cnf folders are for in FP? I read somewhere (forget where!) that one can delete them. I have just done this, *after* uploading new files to my site at click here, but am now having cold feet. They are still in the recycle bin and I am wondering whether I should restore them.

For the record,I uploaded them using ftp and dragging files from Internet Explorer into the ftp 'window'. I know that some of the image hyperlinks aren't working properly yet.

  [DELETED] 10:21 16 Dec 2003

It's one of the folders that forms part of the FrontPage site management system and in some cases gets used as part of the FP extensions directory structure.

Anything that can be squirrelled away in your web that FrontPage thinks you don't need to see because it manages it for you gets dumped into one of several folders starting with an underscore. There will be several such folders in any typical FP web, like _private, _vti_cnf, and _vti_pvt and so on.

Depending on how much you get FP to do for you, in terms of form processing or other duties where FP extensions are called upon, you can, in theory, delete the folders without mishap.

However, since FP creates these folders to hold files that it uses to help it/you manage your web, I always suggest that people leave well alone and maintain their presence.

It very much depends on how much you are getting FP to do for you since minimal or no use of extensions for forms, rollover buttons and similar could well allow you to safely delete the folders.

Being a lazy hack, I just leave them.

If it ain't broke...



  [DELETED] 10:27 16 Dec 2003

You really should let FrontPage publish the site for you using the File, Publish Web option. This takes full advantage of how FrontPage alters certain files and folders when they go online to work as nature intended.

FTP via Internet Explorer may work well and is an easy way to get people into FTP and web uploads, but publishing from FrontPage allows it to set various permissions to take full advantage of its extension driven bells and whistles like page counters, form handlers and similar.

As long as you have your images and whatnot imorted into the FP web folder, when you ask it to publish it rarely gets things wrong and normally you will find that everything works beautifully if you leave the publishing to FP.


  [DELETED] 12:07 16 Dec 2003

Many thanks,Taran, for a superb answer - just what I wanted. I think I'll leave the files in the recycle bin for the moment, but probably restore them in a day or two. I'll mark this thread as resolved and begin another on a related subject!

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