Front Page 2000 - service.cnf warning

  sheila.weston 12:24 08 Dec 2003

Can someone tell me why I get the error warning:
'Cannot open file service.cnf for writing, when I first open my web. Actually it is the Fargus subweb of click here.
After I click on OK I then work on the web pages without problems. But what does it mean and why don't I get the same message when I open the other subwebs on this site?
Thanks for any help.

  MichelleC 13:50 08 Dec 2003

I haven't come across this before. All I can suggest is using 'repair' option in 'help' to see if this clears it. You may get further help from 'webdesign' forum or fp dedicated form click here

  Taran 14:17 08 Dec 2003

Are you editing the site live on your server ?

The service.cnf is normally assigned a read only property, so if you're trying to access a server held web and its file or folder permissions are not set for editing, there you go.

Perhaps you may have added CGI scripts or any one of another number of things to that subweb that haven't been added to the others ? This can also have a knock on effect.

Inn fact, it could be nothing more than a corrupt version of the file, but without the exact error message you are getting I could guess about possibilities but be no nearer the real reason behind the issue.

Perhaps you could give a little more detail ?

  sheila.weston 16:47 09 Dec 2003

Taran - No, it is when I access the program in my computer. But when I click on OK i can then go ahead and edit the files normally.

I don't know what CGI scripts are, so don't think I have added them. I add the scripts (if that is the right word) for freefind and guestbook onto the htm page. I wonder if there is a mistake there, but they display OK.

Yes, it could be a corrupt file, but as everything else is OK I guess I will have to live with it.

Michelle, I'll try using the 'repair' and report back - also ask on the webdesign forum, which I have only just noticed. many thanks.

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