Front Page 2000 Publishing Problems

  [DELETED] 09:54 17 Dec 2003

Help please!

I am using the FP publishing button:

I add the ftp address as given by rootsweb; then my username and password when requested.

Things progress normally with listing pages and several queries about replacing files which I answer 'yes to all'.

An error message now comes up: '553 Images/AHT.jpg No such File'.

Now - if I click on OK the publishing box reverts to the first window asking for the ftp site. If I do nothing the 'publishing pages' appears to be going ahead, although the open window is still the error message.

I have checked the broken links report in FP and there is no mention of a folder called '553 Images', I have tried creating a folder called '553 Images', but it doesn't like the gap. If I close the gap I still get the same error message.

The picture is the first on the 'Gallery' page. I have checked the hyperlink. Have you any ideas?

2) several images are missing on the index page, but I can't see why. The word GEDCOM should be in the grey box.


  IClaudio 12:06 17 Dec 2003

(but I don't know what it means, sorry), so it looks as if one of your pages ('Gallery'?)is looking for a jpeg called AHT and it isn't in the 'Images' folder.

  [DELETED] 12:23 17 Dec 2003

IClaudio has hit the nail on the head.

A 553 error message is just a silly and not too helpful way of telling you that there is an illegal file name in attempting to publish your web.

The error is code 553, the folder is called images and the file is named AHT.jpg

If the file is missing from the images folder or has been renamed, there's your answer.

  [DELETED] 13:10 17 Dec 2003

Ah..... I have redone the AHT.jpg file and clicked on publish (10 am) and everything seemed to be going ahead. At 12.noon it seemed to be on the last file (a /derived one) and the bar was filled in with blue up to the RHS.

An hour later it was STILL publishing this page. I then realised that the internet had been broken (?by the ISP perhaps)so I connected again and publishing seems to be going ahead. But do you know a way of saving the files that have been published so far? If I click on 'cancel' I am back to square one, aren't I? I will be leaving it for an hour or two, but hate the thought of a wasted day.

Incidentally, I have a screen saver, but assume that publishing goes on in the background if the screen saver kicks in, although I have been cancelleing it throughout the morning.

Thank you for your help.


  [DELETED] 13:48 17 Dec 2003

I'm assuming from that last post that you are on dial up access and not broadband ?

A screensaver can sometimes interrupt an upload (or download) so it would be best to disable it and just switch off your monitor if you are worried about it.

Once you get the site uploaded and working as it should, you can choose the option in future to upload changed pages only from the publish command in FrontPage. This does exactly whaty it says and only uploads those files that have a different timestamp since their last upload, so anything you edit will be uploaded and anything you have left untouched in the web will not be uploaded.

Get back as and when you manage to get the site up, or if you have further problems.


  [DELETED] 15:12 17 Dec 2003

Yes, I use Tscali daytime as an ISP with as a reserve. Not broadband

So you can't suggest any way in which I can save the files which have already uploaded? If I close the window, next time I upload 'changed files' it seems to go right back to the beginning. It is particularly infuriating as I have watched it go through all the files until it hung on the very last one.

Incidentally, I always use the 'changed pages only' but haven't worked on it for a couple of years.

I will switch off the monitor and leave it another hour and see what happens.


  [DELETED] 15:42 17 Dec 2003

Worst case scenario:

Zip your web folder and email it to me with your ftp server name, publishing username and password.

The zip file will send to me far faster than a web upload can via FTP and I'll blast it up there onto your hosts erver for you.

I've done this for a few forum members who were having difficulty but I'll understand and won't be offended if you don't want to release your web username and password.


  [DELETED] 16:24 17 Dec 2003

No, I want to find out what the problem is, and correct it myself, please.

*If* you aren't fed up with me, could you possibly look at my home page and say why the graphics aren't showing (including the navigation buttons). The hyperlinks are working, though, which is odd. I had a perfectly functioning site before trying to upload the replacement files.

This is one reason why I find ftp easier, but it doesn't seem to be working properly this time.

I may try restoring the various folders which are in my recycle bin, although they seem to have recreated themselves, I THINK.

The suggestion of turning off the monitor was one I hadn't thought of, but didn't make any difference as the same file was still being published when I turned it on half an hour later -and the internet-connection had disconnected itself.


  [DELETED] 16:32 17 Dec 2003

Is your web connection set to go to idle after 20 minutes ?

Most dial up connections are, by deafult, set to drop their connection after 20 minutes of inactivity. Some ISP's choose to view FTP as inactivity since you aren't clicking here and there on web pages once an upload starts.

Internet Explorer, Tools, Internet Options, click on the Connections tab, click once on your ISP account to highlight it then click the Settings button. Click the Advanced button, then remove the tick in the box where it says 'Disconnect if idle for 20 minutes'.

Click OK, OK, Apply, then OK.

This could be the cause of your woes.

  [DELETED] 16:34 17 Dec 2003

What's the address of your homepage ?

  [DELETED] 11:30 18 Dec 2003

I have just tried to publish a small number of files, leaving out the larger ones but, having apparently uploaded them successfully it then began to delete all the ones I hadn't published, so I had to cancel the whole operation!

So............. may I take you up on your kind offer to publish them for me?

How do we go about this? May I have your email address? Mine is [email protected]. There is no problem sending the password as it specific to this webspace.

I have made a zip file of the whole web and subwebs which amounts to 24mb, so that is obviously too large to email. The zipfile for the root Trenbath site, which I was trying to upload yesterday is 8.3 mb, which is still rather large. Shall I break it down into smaller units and send them one at a time? Do you have broadband? How long shall I give between each 'post'?


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