Front ear phone connections please.

  rickf 09:22 16 Sep 2003

Hi All,
Where do the front ear phone port cables connect to. I have 6 channel sound on board. Managed the usb connections ok but totally flumoxed by the ear phone connections. Thanks in advance.

  rickf 14:48 16 Sep 2003

Thanks people. Mobo Gigabyte GA-8IG1000 Pro. I think you're right Diesee. I'll just leave it if the connection cuts off the loudspeakers I had thought maybe its only cut off when the phones are plugged in.

BTW, do you guys happen to know of 5.1 speakers with earphone plug on the front. I don't want the audigy ext. or extigy ext whioch both have this capability.

  rickf 11:34 17 Sep 2003

Thanks Smiler. I'll check. Do I take it that you have the same mobo? I am very pleased with it but have not been using the onboard graphics. Bought a MSI 256mb 5600FX instead. I did not like the graphics onboard although adequate fro ordinary purposes.

  rickf 13:52 17 Sep 2003

Have got a different 5.1 card but have decided not to use at the mo until I can afford good speakers. The onboard sound is 6.1 which is v, useful. The board for your info is v. stable and fast and has 800fsb which is a bit future proof for a bit.

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