Friends laptop Extremely slow to boot up and load

  julius44 07:31 01 Jun 2018

Hello and good morning to you all. I am trying to help a friend with their laptop which seems very slow. it is an Acer Aspire laptop running windows 10, Intel Core i7 451OU 2.0ghZ with turbo boost up to 3.1GHz, and it has 8GB DDR3 L memory and 1000gb hard drive.

When I switch it on, it takes a while to load up, about 6 minutes and then I input password and it takes a while to laod up, and then when i get to the desktop and settings etc it really drags, it is very hard to get to settings, I uninstalled norton, and put kasspersky, which is still trying to intall. on the updates page it keeps saying awaiting install for certain updates as well

In my opinion the laptop should be blazing fast....I am using my desktop and its 10 times faster then friends laptop

I managed to install opera browser, I cant see any pop ups so far, even trying to acceess documents, pics, music it just way too slow for me.

I dont think he would want to go down the route of doing a fresh install of windows as he has loads of important documents and files on this laptop for now. If anyone can suggest any ideas, I dont mind installing any software on a usb and tranferrring to the usb drive for his laptop..............just that this laptop is jst too slow for the specs that it has.

Any help suggestions very much appreciated.

  julius44 07:41 01 Jun 2018

Also wanted to add, that when i try and browse webpages it keeps saying not responding

  wiganken2 08:52 01 Jun 2018

Has this problem started after a Windows update? It may have been caused by the update so try restoring to an earlier restore point. Also is the hard drive full up? There needs to be free space available on the HDD for Windows to use. I would always want to have about 50GB free space on my computer. Also check Task Manager to see what is hogging all the resources. Your friend may have installed some bad software but Norton should have stopped this so it is unlikely. Norton is a very highly rated security program as is Kaspersky which you mention.

  julius44 10:42 01 Jun 2018

@Wiganken2 thanks for your response, so latest update, I went into safe mode and used malwarebytes, it removed a few items about 80 in total. I noticed that when I am in safe mode the laptop seems a lot faster, to load and I can access various settings normally, but the moment I go back into normal mode it just seems to drag again??

Very frustrating.....

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