friends computer and blue screen

  the old man 09:01 05 Nov 2004

Firstly only info of system is that it runs windows ME.
Friend at work has a problem where her computer does a scandisk on bootup and comes up with error along the lines of 'cannot write to c: drive data or files may be lost. Press any key to continue'. When she presses a key nothing happens and she pressed reset button.
Same thing happened again so she has left her computer with same error message and the dreaded blue screen to come to work.
Any suggestions as to remedy the problem. She is less than a novice/beginner.

  xania 09:36 05 Nov 2004

I have not come across this before, but it sounds as if there could be a Hardware problem. It would be as well to eliminate this as a possibility before going any further. Use a bootable floppy disc to load up a basic DOS system. Now try to scan the C:\ drive for files by typing

The screen should rapidly list all the files and folders in the route directory followed by some sizing data. If you get an error message, report it back.

Now attempt to copy any one of those files by using the instruction

copy c:\<filename>.<fileextension> <filename>.<tmp>

Once again thge screen should show the instruction as being completed. If you get an error message, report it back.

If both of these work, the likelihood is that the problem lies elsewhere - if you get an error message, you may have a problem with the Hard Disk requiring replacement.

Also a couple of questions.

1 The last time the system loaded correctly, did your friend do anything with the system itself, even to the extent of deleting any files directly (not via a proprietory package) or notice anything go wrong before switching the PC off normally.

2 Did the PC close down normally last time.

3 Has the PC been making any strange noises lately.

  the old man 10:08 05 Nov 2004

excellent advice, thanks. Only problem is as I pointed out, friend is total novice, not even that good. I wont be able to hold her hand whilst she did this but will pass on your posting to her.
If anyone else has anymore info I would be grateful.

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