Friend used hair dryer to clean pc- Good or Bad?

  buel 22:17 01 May 2009

Hi, today my friend used a hair dryer(cold) to blow dust from (or 'in') the back of his desktop pc where the fan is, i mentioned that i believed the hair dryer would simply blow the dust back into the pc whereas a vacuum would at least 'suck' it away, have i got a point?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:37 01 May 2009

You will find that, when you are older, such things need not worry normal people. In case you had not surmised, it matters not whether you use a hairdryer or a vacuum cleaner. Dust cannot affect electricity.


  lotvic 22:37 01 May 2009

yes (and no).
Yes the vac would be better for sucking it away.
If hairdryer on cold (or can of compressed air is used) Your friend should be taking the side off the pc and blowing the dust OUT

Or taking the side off the pc and using a paintbrush to disturb the dust and a vac to suck it up. (Don't touch any components with the vac nozzle end)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:38 01 May 2009

blowing in through the fan is a waste of time

however nothing wrong with taking off the side cover and using a hair dryer and small brush to bow out all the dust.

  rdave13 22:41 01 May 2009

Now you owe me a coffee. Oh and cleaning utilities for keyboard, monitor and desk. Spillage partially flowed on the cat so I'm greatful for that.

  cream. 22:47 01 May 2009

It sucks and blows air out by just changing the outlet.

I always blow through the psu, cpu, motherboard and casing. I blow all the dust out of the machine.

This is always done in the garden on the garden table. For some reason the missus wont let me do it in the sitting room.

Strange ;-))

  Quiet Life 22:51 01 May 2009

Blowing or sucking through the fan will achieve little. Dust sticks pretty hard to fans and would need to be brushed or wiped off. With the side off blowing is safer and more effective than sucking as you do not have to get so near to the components. Dust may not affect electricity but causes the early demise of components through overheating and getting rid of any dust build up is worthwhile,

  OTT_Buzzard 22:52 01 May 2009

yep, my pc gets a regular clean out with the Vax. Must get some more dust flters.....

  rdave13 22:56 01 May 2009

Use a many hundred watt vacuum cleaner held close to where you use a new unused soft bristled paint brush to remove the clogged dirt/dust. Common sense reigns.. :)

  Pamy 23:13 01 May 2009
  DieSse 23:49 01 May 2009

"Common sense reigns.."

Common sense usually comes in last in my experience ;-))

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