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Friend Request on Facebook

  K*B 20:21 05 Jan 2012

I'm a beginner on Facebook and I've just seen a Facebook friend request in my email inbox. How do I accept this request? I guess I must open the email and then .......... ? I'm completely blank, pls help. Do I have to accept the request before I can communicate with them on Facebook? I know this person very well. How do I use this Facebook thing? Thanks.

  lotvic 20:54 05 Jan 2012

My Advice: Before you open the email to click on link to accept the Friend. First contact them the ordinary way, phone, text, email, talk in person to make sure that it is them that has made the request. Spoof (full of viruses and malware)'friend' requests on Facebook are very common and the link in the email may not be what you think it is. I would suggest caution and to resist the urge to accept every request in your email inbox.

  K*B 08:13 06 Jan 2012

Thanks friends.

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