A friend in need is a ...... (tv-out probs)

  jonnytub 13:02 13 Aug 2004

Hi all, a "good" friend of mine who is constantly on the dog n bone to me with pc probs has stumped me with his latest question.

He plays a lot of games (not the latest) on pc, spec:xp pro, atlhon 2600+, geforce fx5600 tvout, he says he has just bought an s-video lead and although he can get the picture to appear on his tv, it's a very low quality, everything is blurred, he explained that he bought a 10 metre cable (i was after one that length too) and i pointed out that the cable was more than likely too long and the signal loss was at fault. He promptly replied that he had also tried 2 1 metre length cables and the difference in quality didn't change, still blurred, i know the quality isn't going to be anything like a monitor but it should at least be legible, he's downloaded the latest driver to no effect, could this be a refresh rate prob??? i'm at a loss and getting a bit tired of the phonecalls. any help would be appreciated, telling him to -***(^) is also an option.

  Chegs ® 13:10 13 Aug 2004

Never been able to get PC views onto TV,so cannot offer anything other than you going and cutting their phoneline. :-)

  jonnytub 13:14 13 Aug 2004

cheers chegs :-)

  [email protected] 13:27 13 Aug 2004

just a guess has he set the output on the fx5600 card to pal

  Urotsukidoji 13:34 13 Aug 2004

what about the drivers for the gfx card??

try the latest card drivers, and set 2nd display as tv

  jonnytub 13:35 13 Aug 2004

How would i advise him to do that, i don't have an nvidia card and so i'm not familiar, his tv supports both ntsc and pal.

  jonnytub 13:38 13 Aug 2004

he's got the latest 61.77 driver and as far as i'm aware it won't operate as a 2nd display, you have to unplug the monitor and reboot. told you guys i was stumped lol ;-)

many thanks keep em coming.

  jonnytub 13:52 13 Aug 2004

looks like i'm gonna have to pay him a "home visit" when i get there i'll log back on for any other suggestions. Many thanks all

  Stuart Leyland 14:12 13 Aug 2004

I have the FX5200 which I have managed to use the TV out port on (not the S-video port, the composite one). It really was a bit hit and miss at times. Either I didn't install something properly when I first setup my card or it wasn't included on the disc but get your friend to download nView from the nVidia website: click here.

I would advise your friend to use the composite port on the card purely because I know it works and I've heard all sorts of problems using S-Video. I use the following cable from Maplins to get both sound and video through my TV: click here

Once everything is connected and nView is installed, have a look at this page about how to setup nView: click here. Note that the screenshots on that page will be different to the version of nView your friend will have.

I personally use the option of "Single display" because I couldn't get any of the others to work properly. It also allows you to use individual settings for the TV and the PC monitor (ie: resolution). Then right click the nView icon in your system tray, choose "nView Display Mode", "Single display", then TV. Your TV will then display what should be on your PC monitor and the monitor will go into standby. Choose Yes asking you if you want to keep the resolution change. You should then right click the desktop (on the TV), choose Properties then click the Settings tab and lower the resolution to something like 640x480 or 512x384 (the resolution I use for watching programmes). You should also ensure that the TV is set PAL I and a refresh rate of 60Hz.

When you are finished on the TV, right click the nView icon in the system tray, choose "nView Display Mode", "Single display" and "Analog display". Choose Yes when asked if you want to keep the resolution change and you'll be back to normal.

This tutorial may also be of some use: click here

It is defintely a pain but worthwhile in the end :-)

  jonnytub 14:50 13 Aug 2004

Thanks to all who replied, problem solved, he was using an composite adaptor and hadn't tried the switch on the adaptor. Needless to say, once switched worked first time. Again thanks to all who responded.

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